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Stow parent rails against 'safety’ fence

31 Aug 2015 08:30

A PERIMETER fence erected by Scottish Borders Council around Stow Primary has been described as “totally inadequate” by a parent concerned for the safety of pupils.

First trains expected to be 'very busy’

31 Aug 2015 07:30Ally McGilvray

EXCITEMENT is building ahead of the opening of the new Borders Railway this weekend.

Rail campaigners 'saved Government blushes on tourist traffic’

31 Aug 2015 06:30

TOURIST and leisure passengers – originally dismissed as of marginal importance – may now be a crucial factor in the success of the Borders Railway opening this week, according to the Campaign for Borders Rail (CBR).

Police hunt Melrose fire starter

30 Aug 2015 07:30

POLICE are probing a major blaze in Melrose which destroyed an estate agent’s offices.

Former soldier receives benefits fine

30 Aug 2015 06:30

A GULF WAR veteran who failed to declare his armed forces occupational pension while filling out benefits forms has been fined £400.

Royal row in Newtown

29 Aug 2015 07:30Ally McGilvray

THE roads in Newtown St Boswells are in “an appalling mess”, according to the chairwoman of the community council.

Councillor warns of motorcycle menace

29 Aug 2015 06:30Ally McGilvray

Waverley withdraws from Borders Choice Homes

28 Aug 2015 12:30Ally McGilvray

Hate crimes rise in Borders

28 Aug 2015 07:30

Foster care plea as council care budgets come under pressure

28 Aug 2015 06:30

Dumped! Council to abandon landfill at Easter Langlee

27 Aug 2015 08:00

Local farm subsidies revealed as MP presses for higher payments

27 Aug 2015 07:30

Galashiels is hotspot for arson attacks

27 Aug 2015 07:00

Jedburgh on board as culture trust transfer looms

27 Aug 2015 05:30

Arrival date for Selkirk's new bridge

26 Aug 2015 08:40David Knox

Police warn more pink pills could be circulating

26 Aug 2015 08:30

Gala in Bloom wins supermarket sweep

26 Aug 2015 07:30

Grahame endorsed to defend Borders seat

26 Aug 2015 06:30

Full steam ahead for opening of Borders Railway

25 Aug 2015 15:00

Yarrow gunman jailed for over five years

25 Aug 2015 12:30

Now ditch 'aye-been' attitude

25 Aug 2015 07:30Ally McGilvray

Braw send off for Jim

25 Aug 2015 07:00

No objections to Tapestry plans

25 Aug 2015 06:30Ally McGilvray

Teenager remanded following pink pill probe

24 Aug 2015 16:30

Angela’s poignant tribute to victims of Scotland’s 'secret history’

24 Aug 2015 07:30

Tractor run on track to perfect ten

24 Aug 2015 07:01Ally McGilvray


Deputy First Minister 'open' to railway extension

DEPUTY First Minister John Swinney has said the government may consider extending the Borders Railway to Carlisle.

Lauder locks for Little Princess Trust

Death of gamekeeper a 'tragic accident'

Lauder's Jade is a cut above

Lest we forget


Friends of BGH cough up £2500

FUNDRAISING group the Friends of the BGH handed over a cheque last week for the purchase of a Cough Assist Machine.

The weight is over for Galashiels

Javelin hits target at Peebles Show

On top of the World

More Borders towns should embrace railway


Game, set and match at 2015 Junior Confined Tennis Championships

31 Aug 2015 10:30

RAIN did not stop play in the 2015 Junior Confined Tennis Tournament held at the Borders Tennis Centre in Galashiels and Selkirk Lawn Tennis Club from August 6 to 16.

Life Memberships for Gala rugby stalwarts

30 Aug 2015 07:30

TWO Gala rugby stalwarts have been elected Life Members of the club.

Five-try Gala record opening day win

29 Aug 2015 14:59Ally McGilvray

SELKIRK marked their return to the Premiership with an opening day defeat to Border rivals Gala.

YM snatch victory at Gala

29 Aug 2015 13:30

ON a beautiful day and a perfect pitch Gala A and Hawick YM put on a fine display of running rugby and it was only a conversion that gave the visitors the victory, writes JOE DICKSON.

High performance for Premiership clubs

29 Aug 2015 11:30

AFTER the introduction last season of video match analysis, all Premiership clubs will be able to access national-team levels of individual player analysis through support from Scottish Rugby’s High Performance department.

Torrid time ahead for Selkirk claims Gala coach Graham

28 Aug 2015 16:30

Revenge is sweet for Rovers

28 Aug 2015 13:30

Kissing bigotry goodbye in the Borders

28 Aug 2015 12:30

Medal haul for Borders athletes at age-group championships

28 Aug 2015 11:30David Knox

Gordon go top of Division A

27 Aug 2015 12:00

Masterclass from Melrose at the Gytes

27 Aug 2015 07:45

Gala stumped in promotion play-off

27 Aug 2015 07:30

Welfare blow Lowland League wide-open

27 Aug 2015 06:30David Knox

Sucker punch for Selkirk at Kilby

26 Aug 2015 18:30

Souters at the crease survive despite defeat

26 Aug 2015 12:30

Greens gain bragging rights at Netherdale

26 Aug 2015 10:30

Presidents run ends for Gala cricketers

25 Aug 2015 18:30

Beth hopes to make waves at Sainsbury's School Games

25 Aug 2015 14:30

Champions Kelso out Muss-cled

25 Aug 2015 13:30


Great effort

31 Aug 2015 08:30

SIR, It is exciting to think that this great Tapestry will come to the Borders.

Fed up

28 Aug 2015 08:30

SIR, Last Wednesday, the day my letter about the Scottish Tapestry was published, I received quite a number of responses.

Tour caused ‘confusion and disruption’

27 Aug 2015 08:30

SIR, I would like to pass on my complaints regarding the recent Tour O’ the Borders Cycle event.


27 Aug 2015 08:30

SIR, On Thursday, August 13, I was admitted to Borders General Hospital with a severe infection, being discharged on Monday 17th.

Sport for some

26 Aug 2015 08:30

SIR, I would like to pass on my complaints regarding the recent Tour O’ the Borders Cycle event.

Cultural tourism is enormous income generator

25 Aug 2015 08:30

It’s been an honour which I will never forget

22 Aug 2015 08:30

Not good for tourism

20 Aug 2015 08:30

Who was the Scottish Borders Council bidding against?

18 Aug 2015 08:30

Wonderful memories

17 Aug 2015 09:30

Make your vote count

14 Aug 2015 08:30

Search launched for Borders naval captain

13 Aug 2015 08:30

Welcome to our war zone

11 Aug 2015 08:30

Common Ridings and Festivals are hugely important

10 Aug 2015 09:30

Broadband bother?

9 Aug 2015 08:30

What's On

Lauder Rocks!

31 Aug 2015 08:30

COMMUNITY groups in Lauder are set to benefit from a fundraising night in the Royal Burgh next month

Orchestra brings the railway to Selkirk

29 Aug 2015 08:30

THE tracks may not quite reach Selkirk but the Scottish Chambers Orchestra will still bring the Borders Railway to the Royal Burgh next month.

Lord of the Rings

28 Aug 2015 08:30

DOZENS of walkers put their best foot forward on Sunday at the opening of a new circular route around St Mary’s Loch.

Pre-school opera for Galashiels

26 Aug 2015 08:30

SCOTTISH Opera’s interactive hit show for pre-school children returns this Autumn to Galashiels.

Back to the 60s at Melburn Lodge

19 Aug 2015 10:00

PRIMARY pupils in Melrose have swung back to the 60s to inspire artwork for a dementia unit at Borders General Hospital.

Homecoming gig an 'honour’ for talented Tommy

19 Aug 2015 09:30

Pitch fever in Lauder

16 Aug 2015 08:30

Line-up confirmed for tribute concert at Innerleithen Music Festival

14 Aug 2015 09:30

... and in the red corner, we have The Tempest

12 Aug 2015 08:30

MTV stars line-up for Gala day

11 Aug 2015 14:30Ally McGilvray

Bernat’s Life in Colour

10 Aug 2015 08:30

Music Americana comes to the Eastgate

6 Aug 2015 08:30

Former Runrig singer booked for Galashiels festival

27 Jul 2015 09:30

BEG-gers launch Astonishing fundraiser in Galashiels

26 Jul 2015 09:00

St Boswells hosts Edinburgh Fringe performance

25 Jul 2015 08:30

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