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Published: 5 Mar 2008 10:000 comments

WHAT a performance! That"s my verdict on "The Boyfriend", this year"s production by the Galashiels Amateur Operatic Society.

WHAT a performance!

That"s my verdict on "The Boyfriend", this year"s production by the Galashiels Amateur Operatic Society.

Perhaps it"s a bit different from those performed in previous years, but nevertheless, an outstanding show.

Having attended the show on opening night (Monday night), there was not a hint of nerves to be seen from the main cast or the chorus, who were all in fine voice.

Set in the 1920"s, around carnival time in the French Riviera, The Boyfriend mainly revolves around five girls attending Madame Dubonnet"s Finishing School.

And they all have one thing in common - they all want a boyfriend!

Leading lady, the talented Alexa Brown (Polly Browne), lit up the stage with her fantastic voice, telling us her tales of woe as her father (played by Ken Lamb) would not let her have a boyfriend - fearing they would only be after her fortune.

There is only one thing I can say about Ken Lamb, and I am sure all the others who have seen this performance would agree - what a fetching bathing suit!!

Percy Browne does have a little romance of his own going on, with none other than Madame Dubonnet played superbly by Dawn MacIver. Madame Dubonnet was ably assisted by her maid Hortense, the brilliant Lynsey Anderson.

Polly falls in love with messenger boy Tony (who is actually very rich, but is living in disguise), played by Jack Lowden.

His performance was outstanding and had the whole audience laughing with his comical role.

His parents, Lord Brockhurst (Alaistar Waddell) had an eye for the young ladies and his long suffering wife Lady Brockhurst (Ev Watson), managed to track their son down - eventually!

Polly"s four best friends all have their own problems too when their boyfriends decide to propose to them on the night of the carnival dance.

I am not going to tell you the ending but it is a happy one! Maisie, played by Lauren Gracie set the stage alight with her partner Bobby (Michael Hyslop) performing the Charleston routine.

Shelley Lamb played the hilarious Fay, with her dippy comments.

She had the audience in stitches, and Dulcie (Sara Christie) also had the audience laughing with her well practiced lisp! Nancy (Jessica Hardwick) delighted the audience with her singing and dancing.

The dancers and chorus in this production were full of enthusiasm.

Their dancing and singing was fantastic and they got the whole crowd tapping their feet and singing along.

The orchestra pit were also in fine tune, lead by conductor Jeff Thomson.

But I must mention too all the people who help out back stage, who the audience never sees, that helped put this fantastic show together.

Overall, it was another fantastic production by the Galashiels Amateur Operatic Society.

I urge people who have not bought tickets to see this show to buy them now. You do not want to miss this exciting production.

Cast - in order of appearance

Hortense (French Maid) - Lynsey Anderson

Maisie - Lauren Gracie

Dulcie - Sara Christie

Fay - Shelley Lamb

Nancy - Jessice Hardwick

Polly Browne - Alexa Brown

Marcel - Ross Roy

Pierre - Ross Hayworth

Alphonse - Fraser Brien

Madame Dubonnet - Dawn MacIver

Bobby Van Hussen - Michael Hyslop

Percival Browne - Ken Lamb

Tony - Jack Lowden

Lord Brockhurst - Alaistar Waddell

Lady Brockhurst - Ev Watson

Gendarme - Robert Waddell

Waiter - Stewart Murray

Pepe - Robert Waddell

Lolita - Avril Aitkin


Avril Aitken, Jan Baird, Kayley Henderson, Aimee Hislop, Laura Scott, Caitlin Tiemessen, Harriet Whittaker


Avril Aitken, Jan Baird, Jessica Bennet, Greg Blain, Kyle Blain, Liam Blain, Andrew Cannon, Kirsty Clelland, Sam Clelland, Emma Finnen, Catherine Fletcher, Emma Forbes, Louise Graham, Kayley Henderson, Aimee Hislop, Olivia Hope, Irene Hume, Richard Jamieson, Harry Keightley, Val Little, Linda McDonald, Ruth Magowan, Graham Mounsey, Elspeth Murray, Stewart Murray, Jennifer Napier, Keir Robinson, Laura Scott, Caitlin Tiemessen, Robert Waddell, Ewan Wallace, Lesley Whitehead, Harriet Whittaker.


Musical Director/Conductor - Jeff Thomson

Orchestra Pianist - Chris Farish

Violin 1 - Cath Cormie

Violin 2 - Jenny Fraser

Cello - Rob Hoppe

Guitar/Banjo - Ross Milligan

Double Bass - Kit Muir

Percussion - Graham Borthwick

Clarinet/Alto Saxophone - Iain McFadyen and Steve Lilley

Clarinet/Tenor Saxophone - Paul Cormie

Bass Clarinet/Baritone - Dan T Ward

Trumpet 1 - Mike Hardy

Trumpet 2 - Scott Renwick

Trombone 1 - Richard Howden.

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