PUNK-POP poet and one-man-band Ste McCabe is making a date with the Borders as he launches his latest album.

The Liverpool raconteur, who is now based in Edinburgh, will play Hawick Cricket Club on Saturday evening.

McCabe, who appeared at Glastonbury last year with his songwriting collaborator Billy Bragg, has amassed a loyal fanbase since the release of his debut ep, Pinkbomb, six years ago.

The first album, Hate Mail, won him plenty of national air time as well as praise in the musical press.

Although his firebrand, yet catchy, songs - which rarely dance along for any more than a couple of minutes - are instantly likeable he has remained distinctively underground.

Another tour across Europe is planned next month on the back of his latest offering, Brains of Britain.

But before all that the gay-rights campaigner will bring his quirky brand of 1979 punk-pop, and his 'queer’ politics, to the clubrooms of Hawick and Wilton.

Promoter Haley Macfee told the Border Telegraph: “If anyone can make you dance, it’s certainly Ste.

“Brains of Britain is a perfect album, full of different musical styles and clever lyics with stand out tracks such as 'Fool’ 'The Family Values song’ and 'Go Polski Boy’ to name a few.

“The album features the song 'Cockroach’ - a catchy, gothic sounding masterpiece where he duets with folk legend Billy Bragg.” Another collaborator on the new album is local riot grrrl/boy band Spat, who are also on the night’s bill.

Glasgow’s pop/rock band Party Asylum, who feature members from The Cemetery Girls, Dip Dap and The Skanks, will also be playing.

Doors open at Hawick Cricket Club from 7pm with admission just a fiver.