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4 Aug 2015 08:30

MP needs lesson in irony

Sir, Our local MP has again courted controversy by cutting the ribbon on a new foodbank, this time to a hostile reception in Dumfries.
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3 Aug 2015 09:30

Acidic response from Earlston

SIR, I note with interest the reply that Ms Petrie gave to a previous letter that you published.
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31 Jul 2015 08:30

Showing that we care

SIR, We, the undersigned Trustees of Charity for Care, the shop in Kelso, which was set up specifically to raise money for the Margaret Kerr Unit at the Borders General Hospital, would like to thank the residents of Kelso, and all other Borderers who have supported our shop in the last few months.
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29 Jul 2015 08:30

Keep up the good work

SIR, I write to express my gratitude and admiration for the local press who bring up to date news on a weekly basis and report on the goings on within the council and politicians who were elected by the electorate in the Scottish Borders
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26 Jul 2015 09:30

Melrose gallery plans should be supported

SIR, I feel I must correct a few inaccuracies in your article concerning the Wynd Theatre in Melrose.
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21 Jul 2015 09:30

Warning signs are being ignored

SIR, As President of Galashiels (Ladhope) Golf Club, can I bring to your attention the increasing concern that I, and the rest of the membership have, regarding the safety of people using the golf course for walking.
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20 Jul 2015 09:30

Let’s get back to common sense

SIR, I read with bemusement the article in the Border Telegraph, dated June 26, 'Gay pride flag to fly at Newtown’. Can anyone tel me what sexual choice has to do with flags on Government buildings?
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19 Jul 2015 09:30

Irresponsible parking is dangerous

SIR, Cars that are parked irresponsibly on pavements can cause a potentially dangerous obstruction for pedestrians as it can force them onto the road and into the path of vehicles.
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18 Jul 2015 07:30

Too many committees

SIR, I have two questions for Scottish Borders Council. First off, if our tax money was your own money, would you waste thousands of pounds on three flagpoles? I think not.
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17 Jul 2015 09:30

No decision to shelve AIMUp

SIR, Neil Andrew articulated his enthusiasm for the AIMUp project in a letter to your paper last week; an enthusiasm that I am sure all of the Innerleithen & District Community Councillors share. But I want to correct two factual errors.
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16 Jul 2015 09:30

Speak up on climate change

SIR, On June 17 I joined 10,000 people from across Britain at Westminster. We gathered to discuss with our MPs our concerns about global warming and to ask that our concerns be represented in Parliament.
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14 Jul 2015 09:30

Children are not being used in Earlston

SIR, I am writing in response to the letter published on July 1 by Mr J Eckford in relation to the recent school ballots in Earlston.
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10 Jul 2015 09:30

Fresh talent in the classrooms

SIR, I refer to Rab Stewart’s letter in last week’s Border Telegraph - once again criticising the Council’s decision to allow long serving teachers who have applied for voluntary release to retire early.
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10 Jul 2015 09:30

Can we have some answers please?

SIR, With your permission I would like to add to comments made by the Craigerne residents last week.
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8 Jul 2015 09:30

Muddying the waters

SIR, The Tory government on Wednesday announced a new comprehensive way of addressing child poverty consistent with its previously acclaimed “Absolute Priority” of eradicating such during its last five years in government.
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6 Jul 2015 09:30

Use of children has aggravated play park row in Earlston

SIR, I would like to raise the subject of Scottish Borders Council allowing children, some as young as five-years-old, to be used by Earlston Community Development Trust (ECDT), in its attempt to secure funding from the Big Lottery for a play park at Mill Meadow.
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3 Jul 2015 09:30

Disastrous decision should be overturned

SIR, As a member of the Innerleithen and District Community Council, I sat round the table in the council office at the monthly meeting in June 2015 and listened to Councillor Stuart Bell give out the statement on behalf of the Scottish Borders Council about the intention to shelve the prestigious AIMUp project here in Innerleithen.
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2 Jul 2015 09:30

Withdrawing from EU would be hugely damaging

SIR, In the year of Scotland’s food and drink, it’s encouraging that farmers gathering at the Royal Highland Show have emphasised to Scottish Secretary David Mundell their support for the UK’s continuing membership of the European Union.
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1 Jul 2015 05:30

Don’t judge a book by its cover

SHERIFFS should not expect people to dress as they do, and they certainly must not allow people’s appearance to affect their judgements.
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29 Jun 2015 09:30

Council should not be wasting millions on pie in the sky projects

SIR, I read with wonder at the simple economics of how our beloved Scottish Borders Council operates in order to balance the books and give real value for money to us, the council tax payer.
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27 Jun 2015 09:30

Leave the Victoria Park as a free open area

SIR, A proposal has been made to build an all-weather pitch in Peebles with a surface suitable only for football and rugby games, but not hockey, basketball or netball.
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25 Jun 2015 18:30

Charles Kennedy was a class act

SIR, Charles Kennedy was a class act and it’s difficult to pen a fitting tribute to this fine man.
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17 Jun 2015 10:30

Parking charges should be scrapped

SIR, Recent news reports concerning the introduction of parking charges in Peebles have stated that because some people are being hit with penalty charges due to being unaware they need to display a ticket even during the free period then the solution is to charge for all parking time.
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14 Jun 2015 08:30

Taxpayers benefit from early retirals

SIR, I refer to the letter from Rab Stewart printed in the Border Telegraph on May 27 regarding the council’s decision to approve early retirement and voluntary severance packages for 38 teachers. Mr Stewart, in his letter, questions the benefit that would be derived from allowing teachers to retire early.
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11 Jun 2015 08:30

Mixed messages over referendums

SIR, I refer to the Article published on page 10 in the Border Telegraph of June 3 written by Andrew Keddie which is headed 'Kerr says EU exit would be 'absolute disaster’ for Borders.
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