24 Jan 2015 11:30

The centres of Galashiels, Selkirk and Hawick require beautifying

SIR, Why on earth would one pay to get on a train, be taken through beautiful countryside, to get off at the other end to go indoors and pay again to gawp at a tapestry? At £10 a shot - prices go up, not down!

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23 Jan 2015 12:30

Excusing the inexcusable

SIR, I refer to Councillor Aitchison’s letter published in the Border Telegraph. It can only really be described as an attempt to excuse the inexcusable.

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22 Jan 2015 11:30

Scarcely adequate

SIR, It is indeed a bizarre situation, as Alex Orr observes in his letter in which Labour Scotland can grudge £95 million for primary school meals while supporting Trident’s replacement at £100 billion.

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21 Jan 2015 16:30

Concern over future of Chambers Institution

SIR, As a lifelong resident of Peebles, I have been most interested to follow the advances reported in the Peeblesshire News for the revitalisation of the trust required to run the town’s valuable asset the Chambers Institution.

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20 Jan 2015 12:30

Councillor 'disgusted’ at the way Tapestry proposal was pushed through

SIR, In December I moved a motion against the use of public money to fund the construction of a building to house the Great Tapestry of Scotland.

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20 Jan 2015 11:30


SIR, I am astonished that the Scottish Borders Council have approved the Great Tapestry of Scotland to go to a visitor centre at Tweedbank.

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19 Jan 2015 13:30


SIR, I was amazed that Scottish Borders Council Education Portfolio Holder Councillor Sandy Aitchison has concerns that the current average pupil to teacher ratio in the Borders has risen to 13.7, yes only 13.7!

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19 Jan 2015 12:30

Irish Lottery scam

SIR, I am happy to share my delight at receiving through the post a millionaire’s acceptance form from an Irish Lottery group inviting me to meet an award auditor to accept a cheque for several million pounds, possibly as much as £15 million.

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18 Jan 2015 12:30

Councillors aim high

SIR, There is not a question of supporting one project such as the Great Tapestry of Scotland at the expense of another tourist related development such as AIMUp.

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17 Jan 2015 12:30

The Christmas present

I WANDERED roond the shops and wondered, How many wedded years I’d blundered, How often throughout wedded life, I’ve bought the wrong thing for the wife!

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16 Jan 2015 12:30

Red Buckholm

ONE dusky, dark, December day left Gala like a tomb. There was no sight, or hint of light No room for aught but gloom.

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15 Jan 2015 12:30


OLD Darnick, famous ancient name, A village of historic fame, French Heightons, family of power Have always stayed in Darnick Tower,

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14 Jan 2015 12:30

Crossed legs

SIR, Don’t the Scottish pee at Christmas?

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13 Jan 2015 09:30

Tapestry now: Councillor Weatherston is a 'hero’

SIR, Much has been written and said about the recent decision of Scottish Borders Council to fund the creation of a home for the Tapestry of Scotland.

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23 Dec 2014 10:30

Mixed emotions at Melrose Golf Club

SIR, It was with satisfaction that Melrose Golf Club Committee posted a £5305 surplus to year ending September 30, 2014 at their recent AGM.

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22 Dec 2014 10:30

Gritting needed

SIR, Does anyone reading this letter think that one minute of a gritter’s time and a small amount of salt is worth the price of safety for motorists, the public and school children travelling on the steep hill in Langlee Avenue?

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21 Dec 2014 10:30

First thing’s first

SIR, I am merely writing to ask two things about this First Buses’ seasonal timetables and offers.

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20 Dec 2014 10:30

Never mind policies

SIR, I have just received two political leaflets delivered by Royal Mail, one from the Liberal Democrats and one from the Conservative and Unionist party.

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13 Dec 2014 09:30

A great night for Jedburgh

ON behalf of our Organising Committee, consisting of representatives from the Rotary Club, Traders Association and the Community Council, can we please take this opportunity to thank all those involved in making our inaugural Jedburgh Winter Festival such a fantastic success.

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12 Dec 2014 09:30

Smith Commission’s report is fatally flawed

SIR, Unusually, I must agree with Mr Mundell - the Conservative Party’s philosophy has indeed formed the basis of the Smith Commission’s report. It is also clear that the Commission members did make an effort to compromise and work together – and produced a draft report.

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