IT was cold.

Occasionally it rained and for a wee while sleet showers poured over the Eildons.

But despite the unseasonal weather, Melrose Sevens yet again basked in all of its glory.

A crowd of around 12,000 enjoyed another thrilling day at the birthplace of Sevens.

From the seasoned veterans, who can remember when local teams dominated this tournament, to fresh faced youngsters keen on watching a few of the sport's biggest names arrive from London, it was a day for all.

Oohs and ahhs mingled with laughter throughout the day as team after team dropped by the wayside.

The groans that followed Melrose's exit in the semi-finals were to be expected - but the huge home crowd soon put their weight behind Borders flag-bearers JedForest in the final.

In the end it was the English champions, Saracens, who got their hands on the coveted Ladies Cup. And nobody in the ground could have grudged them the accolade after some entertaining and enterprising rugby during the tense final.

It was yet again, a memorable day.

And only 52 weeks to go until next year's celebration of the short game.