THE brakes have been put on plans to introduce traffic calming measures in Melrose.

It follows the revelation that of the 10,300 vehicles recorded travelling through the abbey town in four days only 11 were clocked at more than 30mph.

The majority, 85 per cent were clocked no faster than 18mph, and the fastest speed recorded was just 35mph.

Local PC John Dawson read out the results of a local speed survey at this month's meeting of Melrose and District Community Council. It followed concerns over the speed of traffic in the town centre.

Melrose Provost William Windram said: "There was a perception that the speed was faster but on these results there will be no possibililty of making any further recommendations."

Earlier this year, the Border Telegraph reported one local resident's fears that some motorists had turned the one-way system in Melrose into a race track.

They claimed they were being forced to take their lives in their hands when attempting to cross the road and called for various traffic calming measures including a reduction in the speed limit from 30mph to 20mph.

However, police later revealed the number of road accidents have halved since the new road layout was introduced.

And PC Dawson revealed that an emergency vehicle responding to a 999 call may well have been responsible for any of the 11 drivers caught speeding. He said: "The roads are far safer in Melrose since the introduction of a one-way system."