FOR one Selkirk principal, Friday's Common Riding will be his last in office.

Provost Les Millar admitted during the town's civic reception following the Casting of the Colours that he is likely to step down ahead of the 2013 Common Riding.

The mechanic has been Selkirk's figurehead for the past three years - carrying out his duties with the distinction and humour that Souters from near and far can be proud of.

And the 49-year-old businessman was quick to pay tribute to the three Standard Bearers who have shared centre stage with him during his term of office. Les told the Border Telegraph: "I couldn't have asked for a better three Standard Bearers - Douglas Gunn, Michael Craig and Gavin Henderson. They have all done a tremendous job at the Common Ridings, and also representing our town at other festivals.

I have enjoyed my time as Provost, but I do think this will be my last Common Riding." If the 2012 Common Riding is his last as Provost, it will be one he will remember with pride.

Mr Millar added: "It is a huge compliment to everyone involved with Selkirk Common Riding that everything went to plan. On a good day you are happy if everything goes right, but when it all goes right on a day like we've had everyone deserves a lot of credit.

"I am extremely proud of Gavin. The Flag weighed an awful lot yet he managed to cast it perfectly."