PEEBLES could welcome back the role of Provost.

The idea was mooted at the annual Guildry Supper in the town's Hydro Hotel last Friday night.

It followed the death last month of one of Peebles greatest servants, Alex Walker - a former Dean of the Guild and the last Provost of the Ancient and Royal Burgh.

And the plans have already won some support, including local Councillor Graham Garvie, Scottish Borders Council's convener.

Guest speaker Bill Wright said: "I call upon The Guildry Corporation, to campaign for the reintroduction of the position of Provost in an honorary capacity, representing the town at all official events.

"At least if we had a Provost, the town could have arranged a suitable tribute for the gold winning performance of Scott Brash."

The role of Provost was made redundant following local government reorganisation in 1975.

Community councillors previously discussed the idea of reintroducing the role of Provost to Galashiels. However, the plans were dropped amid concerns it could clash with the role of President of the Braw Lads' Gathering.

In Melrose, the Provost is the chairman of the community council - William Windram.

Tweeddale West Councillor Wille Archibald said: "I would see the role of Provost as a voluntary position therefore there would be no additional expense to the public purse. With Peebles Community Council being an elected body, it would perhaps be appropriate for the position to hail from there.

"We have all the regalia connected with the office of Provost and to bring it back to the town would be a source of civic pride.

"At the moment the Royal Burgh is like a ship without a captain. We need a figurehead of the town to welcome guests such as twinning visits and also to perform presentation such at Citizen of the Year."