READERS of the Border Telegraph will have the chance to quiz members of the Scottish Cabinet about their plans for independence – set out in Scotland’s Future - when they visit Selkirk later this month.

First Minister Alex Salmond has given a commitment that in the run up to the referendum people across Scotland will be able to put their questions directly to himself and his Cabinet colleagues and have the opportunity to discuss the future the Scottish Government has set out in detail following a vote for independence on Thursday 18 September this year.

Ministers will host a public discussion session, focusing on the Scottish Government’s vision for Scotland’s future, on June 24 at midday at the Selkirk Victoria Halls.

They want to hear as many views as possible and will answer questions from members of the audience. This is your chance to ask questions about Scotland and its future.

Speaking to the Border Telegraph, ahead of the Cabinet visit, First Minister Alex Salmond said: “I am delighted to be bringing the Cabinet to the Borders.

“This event marks the Cabinet’s sixth meeting outside of Edinburgh in 2014 and is part of a series of Scotland-wide events in which my colleagues and I are engaging with people across the country about the exciting future we envisage following a vote for independence.

“Taking the referendum conversation out to communities across the country provides an opportunity for us to meet people from a wide range of backgrounds and hear their views on independence, as well as listening to their questions and concerns.

“Over the next few months the people of Scotland will be able to debate and decide on their future through a civic and democratic process. This is the opportunity of a generation and we want to give as many people as possible in the Borders area the opportunity to ask questions and air their views. We want to hear what local people have to say about the type of Scotland they want in the future and I would encourage readers of the Border Telegraph to come to the Selkirk Victoria Halls on the 24th of June.

“We’ve already put forward our proposals for Scotland’s Future and demonstrated how the powers of independence can be used to build a wealthier and fairer Scotland, but it’s crucial everyone who lives and works in Scotland considers and discusses with others the sort of country they want Scotland to be in the future.” The public discussion event is being held on Tuesday June 24 in the Selkirk Victoria Halls at midday. Ministers will be happy to chat informally to audience members over light refreshments following the public discussion.

Attendance is free but spaces are limited, so the Scottish Government have asked that those who wish to attend register online at: You can also register by calling 0300 244 2138.

Scotland’s Future can be downloaded here: