RESIDENTS in the Borders are being warned after a scam phone call from a male claiming to work for a fraud department covering several banks.

The resident who received the call was informed that a strange transaction has occurred on their account and the fraud department needed to stop it and safe guard remaining funds.  

A few phone calls were made and the resident was persuaded to transfer funds into a different account while scammers said it was being investigated. 

Investigations by Police Scotland have revealed that numerous residents in the Borders have received similar calls but fortunately have not been drawn into the scam.

In a statement, the force said: "Please remember to never give your personal details away. A bank will not phone and ask for your personal details and will not ask you to transfer money in this way.  

"If suspicious about a phone call end the call and either attend at your local branch or phone them on the number you would normally use.

"To report information about scams visit:"

For more advice on how to protect yourself, visit the Police Scotland website: