FOLLOWING the announcement on Monday from Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon on her plans for another independance referendum, we have been flooded with your comments on the issue via our Facebook page.

Here are some of your reactions:

Lynda Parks, 52 from Melrose said: "I voted yes the first time and now circumstances outwith our control are forcing the issue once again."

Chris Wildig, 33 from Galashiels said: "Shocking. The people have already spoken. It was meant to be a 'once in a lifetime opportunity', and they're calling for another one after two years?"

Nathan Duncan, 22 from Edinburgh said: "They said they would do it if they were voted back in. People voted them back in. I don't know what all the surprise is about."

Elizabeth Holm Milne, 44, originally from Jedburgh but now lives in Skjern in Denmark. She said: "On the fence! Want to say no.. but as a Scottish living in the EU I'm concerned about how Brexit will affect my status."

Lyndsey Thomson, 27 from Galashiels said: "Once in a lifetime...two years is a right short lifetime! I voted yes previously and would vote no this time, shows the utter disrespect the snp have for those who voted no previously. You cannot keep calling referendums until you get the result you want, instead of wasting time and effort on this, focus on the job in hand and run the country instead of dividing it further and further."

Jamie Pringle, 45 from Galashiels said: "Yes can't wait for this. Always thought we should be independent. I also think of myself as a European and don't want a hard brexit."

Steven Oliver, 42 from Duns said: "NO! We've been through all this before and the verdict was a decisive no. Not just from the Borders but from all of Scotland. It's like replaying a football match if you don't like the result. Berwickshire people stand to lose the most in the event of independence, simply because of its proximity to the Border. We do our shopping in Berwick and we go there to catch trains. Do we really want our relationship with Berwick put at risk by yet another referendum?"

Hector Edmison, 29 from Jedburgh said: "Yes it was stated if there were any big changes, we had grounds for a second referendum. The circumstances have changed due to Brexit and Theresa May is trying to stop Scotland from having any powers in Parliament."

Andrew Armstrong, 60 from Kelso said: "I voted Yes in 2014. However we were told by the Better Together contingent then that the UK was a country with 4 equal partner nations and that Scotland could 'lead' the UK in many areas. The reality since then has been very different and Theresa May has made no concessions to the views of the Scots on Brexit. I think that's a pointer to how we can expect to be treated within the UK moving forward - it's better to decide on our future for ourselves."

Cathy Green, 49 said: "No. Scotland cannot survive on its own."

Jennifer Gordon, 36 from Galashiels said: "How is this teaching tomorrows children anything for the future? If you don't get what you want in life just throw your toys out and abuse your powers? The people have spoken just like with Brexit they voted. I didn't vote to leave but I have to go with majority. Personally I don't want to see scotland leave the UK either. I do worry about Brexit and the legal implications. But I worry more about Independence and how that will impact us will we be part of the Commonwealth etc. How will it impact immigrants and immigration."

Mary Lockhart, 55 from Jedburgh said: "Don't like broken promises, our First Minister does not speak for the people of Scotland but on her own mission and I don't want to part of EU. First time in my life I will vote no."

Danny James Bennet, 24 from Kelso said: "During the last Indy Ref the country became divided for a long time. Friends on Facebook unfriended each other and heated arguments broke our regularly between friends and family. It felt like you couldn't say you were against the referendum without someone jumping down your throat from their high horse. It was an incredibly unenjoyable few months and I think many people took a sigh of relief when it was all over. To bring it all up again so soon and reawaken the divisiveness in an already fractured country is just selfish and short sighted and lets not forget expensive. No means No, we had the vote lets leave it a while longer before kicking up all this fuss yet again."

Neil Scott, 46 from Galashiels said: "Yes. It's fear that binds people to the defunct United Kingdom, backed by the bias BBC broadcasts and blatant lies of the unionist press! The real information is out there if you do the research!"

Alan Marshall, 48 from Selkirk said: "Yes. Britain is in such a bad way."

Jessie Gardiner, 70 from Selkirk said: "My answer is still no, get on with important things like health education."

Jim Egan, 66 from Tweedbank said: " makes sense to launch the life raft when the ship is sinking. I was a NO on Indy1."

Gillian Gray, 40 from Kelso said: "I believe that Scotland should govern its own people. Not Westmonster, who do not care about us. We are a strong enough country to do so. Also for my son and his childrens future!"

David Oliver, 47 from Hawick said: "The money she's wasting would be better put to use in hospitals schools even pot holes .....she doesn't speak for Scotland she speaks for the SNP."

Ann Hartley, 59 from Galashiels said: "Ever since last time when we voted no it seems like at every opportunity they want another referendum. Why till they get a yes and if it's no again will they resign and let someone else run the country instead of chasing another referendum."

Alison Barclay, 48, Oxton said: "Faced with the very real economic nightmare that is a hard brexit, choosing a different path for Scotland is the only sensible way forward.  The Prime Minister is willing to make concessions to every Tom, Dick and Harry apparently... but not for us here in Scotland. I want us to keep free education, I don't want Trident. I want to live in a socially inclusive country, I don't want the bedroom tax. I want Scotland to manage it's own affairs, I don't want my EU friends to be worried about their future in our country. The UK is changing into something I don't want to be part of. It's time to try something new.

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