A ST Boswells mum has taken on a challenge to run 1000 miles to raise money for the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust.

Jessica Entwistle, who is originally from Wales, is taking on the task after tragically suffering an ectopic pregnancy back in 2013.

And the 26-year-old mum of two is desperate to make some cash for the charity as well as raise awareness.

Jessica told the Border Telegraph: “In February 2013, I was very excited to see that second positive line appear on the pregnancy test. A much wanted addition to our family.

“I had my booking in appointment with the midwife at eight weeks and two days. 

“At seven weeks, there was blood.

“Ever the optimist, I just hoped like every expectant mother that it would turn out ok. 

“I shrugged off the pain in my shoulder and put it down to sleeping awkwardly and didn’t even look back on the night a few days previously where I was up all night, with a painfully bloated stomach that had me wincing in pain at the slightest touch.

“I thought my story ended with a miscarriage that week; but it didn’t feel quite right. I’d already miscarried my first pregnancy, so a niggling feeling in me called my GP.

“Fast forward the two blood tests and almost a week; my HCG levels should have been dropping. 

“Instead they had ever so slightly risen 5550 to 6000.

“Alarm bells should have sounded, instead the receptionist told me I was still pregnant and it was all fine. 

“HCG levels are meant to double over 24-48 hours; mine were not and I knew that everything wasn’t alright.”

Jessica then logged onto the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust’s website and realised she was suffering from the same symptoms listed on the site.

“I was numb when the ultrasound screen was on. 

“Instead of a little flickering baby, there was a whole load of emptiness and black.

“They couldn’t find my baby, so instead I hurriedly had a wad of papers thrown my way signing myself away for surgery or a tablet intervention. I opted (absolutely petrified) for surgery.”

Despite the tragedy, Jessica, who moved to the Borders in 2014, has since had another child Eira, with husband Jamie.

She hopes to begin her 1000 mile challenge at the start of next month with a three-mile run in Tweedbank.

She added: “Hats off to the Borders General Hospital, they did everything the could for me.

“Jamie has raised money for the charity in the past by doing the London Marathon and I want to give something to the small charity.

“I am almost 250 miles into my challenge already, just by running as much as I can. 

“I hope have completed the challenge in October.

“I’m also looking to achieve quite competitive 5k times along the way. 

“My first race is the Tweedbank 5k on April 1.”

Jessica has currently raised £200 towards her target of £500. 

If you would like to donate to Jessica’s charity challenge go to http://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Jessica-Entwistle1