WALKING in wellies, trekking in trainers and skipping in slippers have all been encouraged by teachers this week.

Throughout Walk to School Week pupils and staff from across the Borders have been encouraged to put their best foot forward.

And during Happy Shoesday they were even encouraged to wear whatever kind of footwear took their fancy.

A generation ago around 70 per cent of pupils in the UK walked to school - now it is less than 50 per cent.

And education officials in the Borders hope to reverse the trend.

Karen McGrath, Scottish Borders Council’s schools travel co-ordinator, said: “Walk to School Week is a national campaign which aims to encourage more pupils to walk to school and reverse the trend of pupils across the UK.

“In the Borders, we are pro-active in our efforts to encourage pupils to walk, including the Active School Travel Awards we hold each year."

Pupils who live near enough to the school gates have been encouraged to walk each day.

And those living further away are being asked to take part in park and stride by leaving the car halfway and walking the rest of the journey.

During the Happy Shoesday launch at St Peter's Primary in Galashiels pupils chose shiny wellies, comfy slippers and even dinosaur shoes.

Karen added: “It is great that pupils, teachers and parents are getting involved in Happy Shoesday and other initiatives, which are led by each school’s Junior Road Safety Officers alongside teachers, council staff and local police officers.”