A ROBERTON farmer has admitted breaching animal welfare regulations at Jedburgh Sheriff Court.

John Thomson, 57, pleaded guilty to three offences at Howcleugh Farm -where he has 250 ewes and 82 cattle - between April and July last year.

He failed to provide a suitable diet of feed and water capable of meeting their nutritional needs leading to their poor bodily condition and failing to provide good husbandry to prevent them from suffering injury ort disease.

Thomson also admitted failing to provide basic management skills to ensure hygiene at the farm to minimise the presence of flies contributing to sheep suffering from fly strike.

He also failed to provide proper management for pregnant sheep which contributed to a high instance of lamb mortality nd failed to seek veterinary advice for repeated cattle deaths.

Thomson also failed to dispose of six sheep skeletons in the proper manner.

Sentence was deferred until next month for a Criminal Justice Social Work Report.