RENOVATION work on Selkirk's town centre steeple will continue for at least another two months.

Repairs to the historic clock and courthouse were due to be completed ahead of this week's Common Riding celebrations.

But the required work to the spire was more extensive than first realised during inspections.

A further £131,000 has now been provided to allow the recently discovered deteriorating stonework of the Sir Walter Scott Courthouse to be either repaired or replaced.

The latest scheduled completion date for the work is now in August.

The additional money has been sourced from the Selkirk Common Good as well as Scottish Borders Council.

A spokesman for Scottish Borders Council said: "We realise this extension of the project has an impact on the Common Riding for this year, but we hope Souters will understand the importance of carrying out further repairs to this prominent town centre building.”

Due to the further renovations the town hall can only be accessed through the back doors.

And all invited guests to this week's post-Casting ceremony during Friday's Common Riding will have to access the building by using the Fleshmarket Steps.

The initial £450,000 renovation scheme for Selkirk Market Place has already provided improvements to the town centre.

The spokesman added: "Alongside the streetscape works which are all but complete, Selkirk town centre will be transformed into an attractive destination for visitors and locals able to host events and markets."