THE final Principals for this year's St Ronan's Games Week and Cleikum Ceremonies festival have been announced.

Rory MacDonald, Abbie Glendinning and Robyn Keddie have been given the leading roles.

Rory, a primary 7 pupil at St Ronan’s Primary School, was revealed as the school’s Dux Boy and will go on to represent Saint Ronan in Innerleithen’s Cleikum Ceremonies during Games Week.

Rory, who lives in Horsbrugh Terrace with his family, will have many duties to perform during the celebrations.

Rory admitted he was “shocked, nervous and happy” at being selected and said that he couldn’t think of a better end to his time at primary school than to be playing the part of St Ronan.

For only the second time in the history of the Ceremonies, there are joint Dux Girls.

The last time was in 2000 when Laura Campbell and Lauren Knox filled the roles.

Two Dux Girls were appointed in 1944, but there were no ceremonies that year due to the war.

Abbie and Robyn, also in primary 7, will carry out the duties this year, and both described their shock at being selected, but that they are now looking forward to carrying out their duties at Games Week.

Joining the Duxes as representatives of the school at Games Week this year will be Lantern Bearer Stuart Whiteford (Primary 2) as well as Monks and Sash Girls from each of primary 3 up to primary 7:

Primary 3: (Sash Girls) Millie Cotter and Amy Landers, (Monks) Lenny Finn and Liam Irvine.

Primary 4: (Sash Girls) Belle Cross and Milly Pringle, (Monks) Fraser McNeill and Mac McNeil.

Primary 5: (Sash Girls) Katie MacKay and Summer Spence, (Monks) Hamish Easton and Calum Moncur.

Primary 6: (Sash Girls) Emma Belleville and Isla Campbell, (Monks) Drew Lobb and Luke Rathie.

Primary 7: (Sash Girls) Cerys Finn and Erin Wilson, (Monks) Rhys Bootland and Dominic Reid.

The announcements were made by St Ronan's headteacher Keith Belleville at a special assembly which was attended by Standard Bearer Elect Ross Brown, his Lass Faye Nicholson as well as their supporters and officials from the Games Committee.

Following the short ceremony, every pupil in school was treated to a barbecue and delicious Caldwell’s ice cream in the hot June sun, generously donated by the Parent-Teacher Association

Games Week gets underway on Thursday, July 7 and runs until Saturday, July 16.