A BORDERS-based retailer is hoping the ancient custom of haggis hunting will trap a new cache of customers, writes Zoe Daniel.

Online retailer ScotlandShop.com, who are based just outside Duns, are pinning their hopes on the Cheiftain o' the Puddin Race with a new marketing campaign.

Bosses at the 15-year-old company claim to have recently uncovered an old VHS documentary series confirming the existence of Lowland Haggis in the Borders.

And their promotional video, which was shot near to their headquarters, has attracted tens-of-thousands of views from across the world.

Jack Booker from ScotlandShop.com told us: “The Scottish Borders is such an underrated part part of Scotland that we wanted to showcase its beauty.

"The feedback we've received for the campaign so far has been extremely positive.”

ScotlandShop.com recruited Selkirk-based filmmaker and photographer, Jason Baxter to create the 'discovered' VHS tape.

And actor John Ritchie, from Outlander and Jonathan Creek fame, starred along with local schoolboys Harry White and Cameron Redden in the authentically grainy footage.

Jack added: "We wanted to recreate old film footage to give a feeling of nostalgia. We're delighted with the finished film."

The short films follow a presenter and two young lads as they battle with territorial female haggii in their quest to trap the elusive Lowland Haggis.

The marketing promo was filmed over two days in the moors between Duns and Greenlaw.

ScotlandShop.com have been producing tailored tartan clothing and accessories for a worldwide market since 2002.

The video is available to watch on the company's website.