EMPLOYMENT experts Caley Balfour and Moira Wilson have just made their most important appointments to date - themselves.

The two recruitment specialists have already helped hundreds of Borderers into work over the past decade for a Galashiels-based nationwide not-for-profit company.

But they are now branching out by becoming partners in their own Borders-based company.

Moira, who is from Galashiels, told us: "Having a knowledge of the local employment market really helps when you are setting up a recruitment agency and fortunately we have just that.

"We've been supporting in excess of 2000 clients in receipt of benefits to help achieve their goal of moving in to work within the Scottish Borders over the past nine years.

"We are in a position where we have an unprecedented understanding of the challenges faced by employers when recruiting staff at a local level and attracting specialist talent who are willing to relocate to the area.

"The Borders recruitment market has changed considerably over the last nine years and we are now entering a very exciting time of growth for businesses."

Balfour Wilson Recruitment has just acquired offices in Jedburgh.

And the partners have already been in talks with several leading companies across the area to help source an ideal workforce.

Caley added: "Balfour Wilson Recruitment will specialise in the sourcing of high calibre professionals for businesses within the Scottish Borders.

"As we live and work within the Scottish Borders, we believe that we are in the perfect position to promote the benefits of the area to prospective candidates.

"We relish the opportunity to meet with businesses throughout the Borders to discuss how we can support them in finding the right candidates for their roles."