UP to 50 jobs are set to go as Tesco reduces its opening hours in Galashiels.

The Border Telegraph revealed the planned changes at the superstore back in April.

But bosses denied there would be large-scale redundancies at the time.

Job Centre officials have already been in contact with store employees who are at risk of losing their jobs.

And on July 19 a full multi-agency PACE - Partnership Action for Continuing Employment - event will take place for Tesco staff.

Aileen McBrierty, manager of Galashiels Job Centre, told us: "We have already spoken with Tesco staff.

"Many of the people who are losing their jobs - and that is potentially up to 50 - have already secured other employment or have alternative plans in place.

"We are confident that the vast majority of people facing redundancies will be able to find other jobs and opportunities."

Tesco has yet to confirm the number of employees affected by reducing its 24-hour opening in Galashiels to new 6am-to-midnight hours.

Store managers are still attempting to identify alternative day-time rolls for night-shift staff affected by the changes.

And offers of jobs in other stores are also being made.

A Tesco spokesman told us: “In April we announced that we were planning some changes in a number of our stores, including in Galashiels, to help us run them more simply and deliver the best possible service for customers.

"Where this means changes to a colleague’s role we will be working with them to ensure they are fully supported.”

Tesco announced its nationwide changes in April with trading hours being reduced at eight stores.

Chief Executive Matt Davies said: "These changes will help us run these stores more simply and deliver the best possible service for customers.

"We appreciate these changes will impact the roles of some of our colleagues and we will work with them to ensure they are fully supported throughout this period.”

Unemployment in the Borders increased by one per cent from last year - a rise of 15 more people - in the latest figures published last week.

There are now 1180 people actively looking for work in the region.

But youth unemployment has continued to fall - down by two per cent year on year.

The Scottish government announced last week that more than 50 jobs are expected to be created in Hawick with £3.6 million of investment.

And unconfirmed rumours are continuing about Primark following TK Maxx into Galashiels.

Ms McBriety added: "The employment picture overall is good with unemployment across Scotland continuing to fall.

"We are working with training providers to make sure people have the appropriate skills and employment opportunities."