THE world's craziest orchestra is set to perform at Gala's own version of proms in the park.

Around 40 musicians from the Ricciotti Ensemble will take to the streets of Galashiels next month.

And they will perform a free one-hour concert in Corn Mill Square, packed with classical gems as well as plenty of high-jinx and carrying on.

The Dutch symphony orchestra, who have previously played in swimming pools, beaches, refugee centres, prisons and subway stations, were invited to the Borders by Energise Galashiels and JMP3 promotions.

Bill Jeffrey from JMP3 told us: "They are undoubtedly the most energetic orchestra in the world.

"The Ricciotti Ensemble will be visiting Scotland between July 28 and August 4 with the aim of playing about 35 performances over the eight days.

"That's an average of four to five performances each day and they will be in unlikely places.

"The Ricciotti plays symphonic music in places where it isn't normally played.

"The orchestra has audience participation and broad programming in its DNA and its performances are a true celebration of music and life in itself."

The Ricciotti Ensemble were founded in the Netherlands in 1970 with the aim of taking symphony music to locations it previously didn't go.

But this will be the orchestra's first visit to the Scottish Borders.

A spokesman for Ricciotti told us: "Ricciotti sees music as a means of making people happy and bringing people together.

"As every human being has an equal right to happiness, every person has an equal right to music.

"However, symphonic music has a fixed domain - it is reserved for a limited group of people in a limited amount of locations.

"Ricciotti aims to break through that framework - symphonic music must sound everywhere and every person must be able to get in touch with it."

The hour-long alfresco performance outside the Auld Mill will take place on Thursday, August 3 from 7.30pm.

And if it rains Verdi, etc will be performed in the Volunteer Hall.