A DEADLY wrap of heroin and several dirty syringes have been discovered around Galashiels in the past few weeks.

And the dangerous discarding of the drugs and needles has led to authorities issuing safety warnings.

At the start of July a resident in the Glendinning area of the town found a clingfilm wrap of white powder in a car park close to his home.

Just a few days later a used syringe was also discovered in the same area by a six-year-old child.

And a local businessman also came across children playing with a syringe that they'd found on the street in the Gala Park area around the same time.

Police have confirmed the wrap of white powder discarded in Glendinning on July 2 was the class A drug heroin.

And officers are aware of the discarded syringes being found on Galashiels streets.

Community Inspector Tony Hodges told the Border Telegraph: “We will not tolerate the misuse of illegal drugs in our communities and would urge anyone with concerns to contact us.

“Anyone finding drugs or drugs paraphernalia such as needles is asked to contact the council during office hours and the police on 101 outwith those hours and these will be uplifted.”

Scottish Borders Council will react, during office hours, to any syringe finds in the area.

A spokesman for the service told us: "Whilst the majority of people who access injecting equipment dispose of this safely, any reports of discarded needles in our community is a concern.

"We have a policy in place to ensure the safe and efficient removal of discarded sharps found in the community."

The advice offered by the Safer Communities officers when finding a syringe is not to touch it, not to try and put it in a litter bin and not put it down a drain.

They recommend calling them on 0300 100 1800 for an officer to make a safe collection. They also advise staying close to the syringe to direct the officer to its location and prevent others from coming into contact with it.

If anyone does come into contact with a syringe they should encourage bleeding of the wound by squeezing, washing the affected area with soap and water, and attend their nearest health centre or A&E department immediately.

NHS Borders also operates an Injecting Equipment Service where syringes can be exchanged by users for new ones at eight venues across the region.

As well as Addaction Borders and Lloyds Pharmacy in Galashiels, the service is available at Lindsay & Gilmour in Hawick, the Eyemouth Pharmacy, Lloyds Pharmacies in Peebles, Kelso and Jedburgh, and also at GLM Romanes in Duns.

Anyone with information regarding the wrap of heroin found in Glendinning Terrace should contact them via 101 quoting incident number 3553 of July 2.