HAYSIKE Bridge, on the D25/3 unclassified road south west of Hawick, has been closed today (Thursday December 24), due to damage caused by the recent heavy rainfall and flooding.

The road has been closed to all motor traffic but pedestrian access will be maintained.

Repairs are not due to commence on the bridge until into the New Year, so the road closure will be in place during the holiday period.

In addition, the Council is in consultation with SEPA regarding the necessary approvals that need to be in place for the works to be carried out.

An inspection of bridges and culverts in the Hawick area following Storm Desmond found that sections of the Haysike Bridge arch have been damaged, comprimising its structural integrity.

Residents in the Haysike area have been informed about the closure and will be updated once further information is available regarding repairs and length of closure.