SCOTTISH Borders Council has announced that the number 120 bus (formerly the number 20) linking Kelso, Jedburgh and Hawick will continue until at least August 2015.

Last year it was announced that Scottish Borders Council was unable to fund the service provided by First and despite a temporary contract, it would finish at the beginning of April.

The Council has now decided to extend the current temporary contract until August 2015. They have also indicated it will look at whether other local bus services can be used to replace the 120 service.

Commenting on the announcement, local MSP John Lamont said: “I very much welcome this temporary reprieve for the 120 bus service. While the service may not be the most heavily used, it is vital for many residents in the Borders, particularly the elderly and those travelling to work.

“With all this extra money going on the new rail link to Galashiels, it is important that public transport links are maintained for the rest of the Borders.

“This temporary extension has partially come about because of the work of community councils and others. I would urge community councils affected by this change to make their views known at the first available opportunity.”