IT is one of the best performing schools in Scotland.

But the facilities on offer are “inadequate and unsatisfactory”.

That is according to Peebles Community Council who were invited on a tour of the town’s High School by pupils who believe they deserve a new building.

Reflecting on the visit at their meeting this month, community councillor Anne Snoddy said: “We were surprised to learn that students studying science, where their families can afford it, attend weekend courses elsewhere to carry out experiments to meet the requirements of their advanced courses. This is not acceptable.”

The community council described the maths tower and science laboratories as inadequate and unsatisfactory and agreed to “make representations where and when (they) can to achieve better school facilities”.

Ms Snoddy added: “Despite the school comprising many buildings, we could see how full it is and are aware that the school roll is due to grow over the next few years."

“The buildings ranged from the inadequate and unsatisfactory, such as the maths tower and science laboratories, to the better conditions in the Millennium wing, the canteen and the state of the art sports and leisure centre built in 2014.”