A PEEBLES climber suffered serious leg injuries after being attacked by a grizzly bear while climbing in Canada. 

Greg Boswell, 24, was mauled by the animal as he made an ascent in the Rocky Mountains.  

He escaped and made a three-hour descent on Mount Wilson before driving for two hours to reach hospital. 

Mr Boswell is in Canada for the winter season. He revealed on Facebook how he was on a climbing route when he was attacked by the bear. 

Pictures of his leg posted on the social media site show deep cuts inflicted by the bear. 

Border Telegraph:

He said: "Crazy news from Canada. I'm ok, just a little shook up and sore. I got attacked by a grizzly bear and lived to tell the tale." 

Grizzly bears are more aggressive than brown bears, which are also native to Canada, are are known to be unpredictable.  

They do not normally attack climbers and hikers, but will react angrily if provoked or are hungry.

Mr Boswell thanked his climbing partner Nick Bullock  for saving his life.

He said: “My phone won't stop ringing and the emails are flooding in asking for info. 

“The only thing I'm gunna say is that, despite me actually getting bitten, it was both Nick and I that were attacked. It was just as terrifying for him as it was for me. I literally owe my life to Nick.

“I was in shock after the incident and didn't know what to do. Nick got me out of there and drove me to the hospital! It wasn't a one man mission to stay alive like the media is portraying, it was a friend doing as much as he could in a crazy situation to keep his friend from dying! 

“I probably would have died of hypothermia or blood loss if he hadn't kept me going. My stupid idea was to climb a tree and wait until daylight. 12 hours in -20'c and with some serious bleeding to my lower leg is not the best way to spend the night. 

“I can't thank Nick enough, even though I know I don't have to.” 

Border Telegraph: