PEEBLES residents have been forced to evacuate their homes by boat as the fallout from Storm Frank continues.

Peebles Nursing Home and the Walker's Haugh area were worst affected as giant waves crashed against the banks of the River Tweed this afternoon. This follows extensive damage caused by Tuesday night's high winds. 

Properties and businesses, including those at Whitestone Park, Tweed Avenue and Tweed Green have been evacuated. 

And many roads were blocked as desperate locals raced to leave the area. 

Kate Innes, manager of the Tontine Hotel said: "It is the worst flooding I have seen in 15 years.   

"Guests have said it it going to be the worst flooding since 1994 and I can believe that.  Our carpark at the back is flooded.  There is roughly a foot of water in the back. I have never seen it like this before. 

"We have had flooding in the garage at the back of the hotel and also in our laundry. But we have been able to move most things upstairs. 

"Fortunately, most of the hotel is well above the flood level.  We still have people arriving for Hogmanay and we remain open."

Another eyewitness said:  "The water level was fine this morning but it changed rapidly this afternoon and has flooded people's houses by Tweed Green. The whole green is covered, it is just a river. 

"As I was coming up the the street by the community hall there were boats out helping to evacuate people."

The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) confirmed they had recorded the highest water levels in town since 1994. Those levels are expected to peak during the early evening and remain high into Thursday morning.

A SEPA spokesperson said: "Stay away from flood water and do not take unnecessary risks. If you are affected or concerned about flooding please contact the emergency services."

Photographer Helen Barrington captured this footage of the River Tweed bursting its banks this afternoon: