A NEW four-part drama which features the Borders will appear on the BBC starting on Tuesday, August 23.

The programme, called One of Us was filmed on location last autumn and parts of the recordings took place in and around Peebles, Edinburgh and East Lothian.

The drama tells a story of a couple called Adam Elliot and Grace Douglas, who are brutally murdered. Their families, who live in a highland town, Braeston, are devastated, but their world is turned upside down when the murderer arrives on their doorstep the night after the killing.

And many associated with the show say they couldn’t have picked a better location.

Jack Williams, one of the writers said: “The remoteness is hugely important in Scotland and the story couldn’t take place anywhere else. A lot of the story depends on people not being around to watch you, to guide you and to judge your decisions.”

Juliet Stevenson, who plays Louise Elliott added: “Where we shot was so beautiful. My mum’s family come from The Borders and it was a real joy to be there.

“Some parts have an amazingly bleak landscape but others are very soft and gentle with rolling streams.”

Another actor who enjoyed working in the region was Joe Dempsie who plays Rob Elliot.

He said: “It’s been amazing, not least because it’s a pace I have a real affinity with. My dad’s from Edinburgh so I have family here and I used to visit a lot and reconnect.

“Peebles and the Borders is beautiful and when you are used to living in London there are times when it’s too frantic, whereas life certainly stops in Peebles if you want it to.

“It’s a lovely place to work, with incredibly vast landscapes which can also look incredibly isolating,” he added.

“Approaching Scottish winter on night shoots at 3am with rain machines hasn’t been great, but there is no other way to shoot those scenes.

“When you read it in the script you think how great it is, until you have to actually do it and realise your costume is essentially just a long sleeved T-shirt!”

The show is written by Harry and Jack Williams (The Missing), directed by William McGregor (Poldark, Misfits), produced by Colin Wratten (The Musketeers) and executive produced by Christopher Aird (Stonemouth, Shetland). It will be aired on BBC1.