PARTS of Peebles were sealed off on Wednesday following a chemical scare at the town's swimming pool.

A specialist team from Scottish Fire and Rescue Service along with local crews rushed to Port Brae during the early afternoon.

Police and ambulance were also despatched to the scene while a probe was conducted around the premises.

The Tweed-side pool was evacuated and surrounding areas were cordoned off while experts searched for any leaks or spills.

A Scottish Fire and Rescue Service spokeswoman told the Peeblesshire News: “The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service was alerted to reports of a chemical substance at Peebles swimming pool at around 1.40pm on Wednesday.

"Two pumps were mobilised to the scene along with one chemical unit.

"However, following thorough checks of the area, no hazardous substances were found.

"Crews were stood down at 5.50pm after ensuring the area was safe for members of the public."

Staff at the pool became concerned about an unusual smell at around 1pm.

As a precautionary measure, after failing to find the cause of the smell, they implemented the chemical emergency procedures.

A spokesman for operators Live Borders said: "The incident took place at around 1pm when, acting very swiftly and in accordance with Live Borders procedures, staff made sure the building was clear and that the fire brigade was called as a precaution.

"The emergency services and other specialists worked closely with Live Borders staff to try and identify the cause of the smell which subsided shortly after the fire brigade arrived on site and after a thorough investigation they were unable to detect the cause."

Highly trained staff from the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service's chemical unit carried out checks throughout the building searching for any leaks or spills before finally giving the all-clear.

The spokesman for Peebles Swimming Pool added: "The fire brigade were satisfied that the building was safe and issued their incident report.

"They commended the swift actions of the local site staff and handed the site back to Live Borders at approximately 5.50pm."

Peebles Swimming Pool remained closed during Thursday morning as contractors carried out a full health and safety inspection on equipment.

They checked the mechanical, electrical and filtration systems thoroughly before giving a further all-clear.

The pool finally re-opened just before noon.