A NEWLY re-opened road in Selkirk could soon be disrupted by traffic lights.

Yarrow Terrace has been subjected to a one-way traffic system for over four years due to a crumbling wall.

A legal agreement between Scottish Borders Council and owners of the Glen Hotel last year led to repairs being carried out over the past couple of months.

And today (Wednesday) the carriageway was finally opened once again to two-way traffic.

But problems with cutting back ivy on one side of the street is about to lead to fresh disruption.

A specialist machine was brought in earlier this month to remove the substantial growth along the eastern side of the road

But it could only carry out part of the plant removal.

Selkirkshire councillor Gordon Edgar said: "Action was taken to try to remove all of the ivy before the road reopened to two way traffic again.

"The machine couldn't get close enough without risk of damaging it.

"Some of the ivy has been removed but the rest will have to be done by hand - and that will mean traffic lights being used while the workmen are there."

A new date for the hand removal of the ivy has yet to be established.

Fellow councillor Vicky Davidson added: "We did try to have it all removed while the workmen were repairing the wall but it couldn't be done on time."

While Yarrow Terrace and Mill Street reverted back to two-way traffic this week a one-way system will continue on Kilncroft at least until September.

Councillor Davidson added: "I am anxious about Mill Street returning to two-way traffic as for four years of drivers have never driven down that road. It's going to be a big change.

"Kilncroft will continue to be one-way at the request of some residents and there will be a full consultation before the Traffic Regulation Order runs out about whether it should become permanent."