POLICE are to target parking pests near an all-weather sports pitch in Selkirk.

Complaints have been made about cars being left in and around a junction close to Selkirk High School.

Selkirk Community Councillor Kirsty Lovatt said: "This has been ongoing for some time with cars parked out in the road at the junction.

"There is no way that a fire engine or ambulance could possibly get through if there was an emergency.

"Unless something is done, this is an accident waiting to happen."

Many users of the 2G sports pitch near the High School had used the nearby Argus Centre grounds to park their vehicles.

But following health and safety concerns from nursery staff and parents at the centre, a request was made for cars to be parked somewhere else.

Selkirkshire councillor Gordon Edgar said: "The people who use the pitch have been told not to use the Argus due to health and safety reasons.

"The front car park at the High School is available but obviously they are choosing to park on the road instead."

Although the 2G pitch in Selkirk is the least used of all the artificial pitches run by Live Borders, the lack of parking spaces has led to cars regularly being left around the Goslawdales junction most evenings and at weekends.

Selkirk community police officer Conal McEwan believes more should be done to direct users to the nearby car parks at the school.

He said: "I spoke to a driver from Kelso and they weren't aware where parking is available.

"We can certainly speak to users of the pitch and make sure they don't park where they are causing an obstruction."