SELKIRK Bowling Club has now installed an automatic external defibrillator (AED) at its premises in memory of a local journalist and former editor of the Border Telegraph, the late Bob Burgess.

Bob, a Gala man who considered himself and, undoubtedly was, an adopted Souter died last year and his family donated the retiring offering at his funeral service to Scottish HART so they could spend it on saving lives.

Wilma Gunn, the founder of the national charity, held a meeting with Bob’s son Matthew and between them decided that one of his dad’s favourite watering holes should be the home of Selkirk’s latest AED.

It was installed before the first jack was thrown to open the season.

On hand were Wilma and Matthew along with Lorraine Tait, the Trust Manager of the Weir Charitable Trust, who were joint donators to the total and also Marjorie Lawrie, Selkirk Bowling Club’s new president.

Sadly the recently retired club president Tommy Reilly, who took on the gift and was in charge of the installation, died suddenly a few days before the presentation and all present remembered Tommy along with Bob on the day.