PROPOSALS to change parts of Selkirk's historic Common Riding are being mooted by organisers.

The Trust which overseas the annual festival is to consider proposals to move the Bussin' of the Royal Burgh Flag ceremony away from the Victoria Hall during its forthcoming meetings.

But members of the ruling body want to hear public opinion before making any decisions.

Spiralling costs to meet new health and safety regulations are being blamed on the considered changes.

New scaffolding structures were introduced this year to replace the Victoria Hall balcony and the Market Place podium for the Casting of the Colours ceremony.

Selkirkshire councillor Gordon Edgar wants to hear local opinion ahead of the Trust meetings.

He said: "We need to know if the public would object to the Bussin' being somewhere else rather than the Victoria Hall.

"The Common Riding Trust needs to keep costs down as they continue to grow each year to meet safety regulations.

"The Common Riding means a lot to the people of Selkirk and I feel they should be having the conversation about what happens in the future."

It remains unclear when the Bussin' Ceremony was first held on the Victoria Hall balcony.

But more mature Souters can recall the Burgh Flag being Bussed outside the Fleece Hotel.

Alistair Pattullo, chair of Selkirk Community Council, said: "Any proposed changes like this have to be discussed by the public and not just the Common Riding Trust."

The new scaffolding structures, which were used for the first time this year, are licensed to hold up to eight people at the Victoria Hall and ten people in the Market Square.

There were complaints regarding the new Victoria Hall balcony as views of the Bussin' ceremony and Installation of the Standard Bearer were partially obscured to supporters due to increased height of the frontage.

Selkirk Common Riding Trust is due to meet next week when the balcony will be on the agenda.

And they will reconvene in November when a decision is likely to be made.

Selkirkshire councillor Michelle Ballantyne is also a member. She said: "The Trust will have to discuss all of this before it goes out to public consultation.

"There will be a lot to discuss."