A McGill’s Buses driver is being investigated by the company after allegedly making an offensive hand gesture to a passenger with a newborn baby.

The incident came to light when a fellow passenger took an image of the male driver making the gesture in the rear-view mirror of the bus and contacted McGill’s online yesterday afternoon.

She claimed the driver gave the fingers to a mother who questioned why he drove off while she was trying to secure her eight-week-old baby.

The location or bus route was not disclosed.

In the full complaint with picture, she wrote: “This is the way one of your drivers decides to greet a passenger on board his bus with an 8 week old baby... all because she comments on not being able to secure her 8 week old baby before he drives off... an absolute disgrace. Is this what you want to promote Mcgill’s?”

Within hours, the complaint quickly gained attention and received over 200 comments, shares, and reactions on Facebook.

With the vast majority of comments overwhelmingly negative, many labelled the move “disgusting” and “an absolute disgrace,” with some even calling for a public apology.

Replying to the customer minutes later, McGill’s said: “Thank you for your comments, we are currently liaising with the customer direct.”

Speaking with the Evening Times today, a spokeswoman for the Greenock-based company said: “McGill’s takes all matters of customer service seriously and always fully investigates every complaint.

“This complaint is being investigated and, unfortunately, we cannot comment further until this process is complete.”