GALA captain Graham Speirs believes that National League 1 will be tough next season.

Although the Maroons will start the next campaign among the favourites for promotion there is no guarantee of success.

Speirs warned: “It is a very competitive league.

“It is an opportunity for us to rebuild and we can go on with some confidence and we can cause some bother.

“But it will be difficult.”

Ironically, the second tier could feature several Borders teams and which would be good for club coffers.

The Maroons had already conceded relegation and now their local rivals Hawick will face a play-off against the second side in the current National League.

When that will be played, and who it will be, is simply conjecture at present.

Selkirk and Jed-Forest are there already with the prospects of being joined by Kelso and Peebles – and Hawick if they lose their play-off.

There are many issues to be determined before the end of the season, and the prospect of six Borders clubs in one league will whet the appetite of local supporters.

Speirs reflected on Saturday’s defeat by Boroughmuir and the season as a whole after the final whistle.

“This was a good opportunity for us to play rugby with the pressure away from us.

“This was always going to be a bit of a transitional year with changes in coaching and playing personnel and it was going to take a time to click,” he said.

“We have scored a lot of points, but our problem has been that we have been conceding too many. We have been scoring three or four tries in games, but the opposition has been scoring five or six.

“Things have been improving, but the second half on Saturday was off the boil. This is an opportunity for us to regroup.”

Gala remain in the BT Cup and travel to Glasgow Hawks on Saturday week.

On Friday night, as Border League holders, they head to Peebles while Jed-Forest host Melrose.