Fjordhus Reivers 8

Edin Uni 7s 0

Fjordhus Reviers Men capped a title-winning season in style, dishing out an eight goal defeat to the students from Edinburgh.

It is a credit to Andy MacLean's coaching this season, that this young Fjordhus side managed to win comfortably without really having to engage top gear.

Key to this was a passing game that the University side couldn't get to grips with.

When the ball was moved wide, Logan, Goldie, Fletcher and Maclean were all able to get in behind the opposition defence, sometimes almost at will. Scott Girvan settled early nerves, drag flicking the Tweedbank team into the lead after 10 minutes. Jack, Lofthouse and Murray all added goals to make it 4-0 by half time.

The second half offered the away side little respite.

Two second-half goals in particular stood out. Firstly the veterans Fletcher and Lofthouse combining in a well worked one-two to unpick the visiting defence, Fletcher finishing adroitly.

However goal of the match came from a rapid Tom Forster counter attack from deep in the Fjordhus Reievers defence, the passes flowing down the right wing and Taine Anderson getting his second goal of the second half.

James Logan got the other Fjordhus Reviers goal. Credit to the opposition for making a game of it right up to the final whistle and to Paul Gibson for keeping the clean sheet in goals.

Captain Graham Lofthouse said: "Its been a great season for us, but onward and upward - we're looking forward to being back in Division 2 next time around."

Fjordus Reivers Men: Nick Jupp, Rich Hartley, Tom Forster, Rory Maclean, Paul Gibson (GK), Jonathon Fletcher, Bruce Montgomery, Charlie Jack, Graham Lofthouse (Capt), Scott Girvan, Peter Cairns, Callum Murray, Paul Goldie.