WHEN Fjordhus Reivers were asked to host the Argentinian College of St Albans, there was no hesitation from the parents and the committee to take this on.

A total of 30 girls arrived last Tuesday and were immediately involved with the club in a number of fun eight aside games followed by a BBQ, with meat generously supplied by Shaws of Lauder.

The girls were then billeted out to families and returned the following morning to Tweedbank after which they had a tour of the region.

On the Wednesday evening, the visiting girls were involved in two matches with the clubs U16 and U18 club teams.

The matches were very close and competitive and the second half of the evening saw the girls mix teams and play alongside each other.

This was a fantastic experience for the club and there were many friendships made.

Janet Jack from Fjordhus Reivers said: "A huge thank you to the parents within the club that helped pull this event together, to Cal Campbell for piping the girls on the pitch, to Malcolm Grant for his photography, T42 for providing a fantastic spread on the Wednesday night and to the many others involved, who were generous in their hospitality to our visiting guests from South America."