Borders 13-12 Glasgow A

Borders 21-06 Glasgow B

Borders 25-13 Inverclyde

Borders 19-14 Renfrewshire A

IT was Super Saturday for the Borders U15 netball squad last weekend, when they took to the court for the first play day of the season and confidently saw off the toughest of opposition in Glasgow’s A and B teams, Renfrewshire’s A squad and Inverclyde.

The air on the banks of the Clyde appeared to fuel the youngsters who emulated their training partners, Borders U17s, who the previous week had returned from their first outing with a clean sweep of victories.

The Borders squads train at Peebles under the guidance of lead coach Linda Nicholson, who put their outstanding opening forays down to their new and rigorous fitness regime on top of their technical and tactical court work.

She told us: “To play at such high intensity at this standard, players these days have to be incredibly fit so that has been our focus."

Borders U15s play 13 south of Scotland squads over the course of three play days, with the top teams progressing to a final’s day against the best from the north of Scotland.

The squad plays its next matches on November 26 in Linwood.

Borders U15s: Abbie Sorrell (Capt), Emma Latto (Vice Capt), Hannah Little, Jessica Mitchell, Eleanor Smith, Emily Wilson, Nairne Wells, Cerys Finn, Ruby Finn, Imogen Lewis.