SELKIRK'S String Jam Club is set to welcome a guitar virtuoso unlike any other next month.

US-born Preston Reed is a one-man-miracle-guitar-man and widely thought of as the world's most gifted guitarist.

To watch him perform is to witness the bending of reality.

His jaw-dropping skill and unrivalled musical creativity make for a mind-blowing live performance which is totally thrilling.

The New York master tweaks the nose of musical convention, pokes the eye of received wisdom and burns the rulebook of the past.

Using the two-handed integrated percussive acoustic technique that he pioneered in 1987, he fuses blues, rock, funk and jazz unlike anything you've heard before. Preston Reed doesn’t need a band. He is the band.

On Saturday, September 16 Preston will play at the String Jam Club in Selkirk's County Hotel.

And promoter Allie Fox can't wait.

She said: "There are no fancy gadgets or gimmicky FX - just six strings or occasionally 12, two hands and a daring and innovative musical imagination that crosses all boundaries.

"With a career spanning over four decades this trailblazer still tours and records with a passion that flows into the hearts, heads and feet of his audience.

"We are delighted to bring back this world-class musician to String Jam Club again, continuing our 20th year anniversary celebrations, and also as part of the Yarrow, Ettrickside & Selkirk Arts Festival."

Originally influenced by guitar greats such as Leo Kottke, John Fahey, Michael Hedges and Eddie van Halen, Preston started to move beyond standard finger-picking styles, and began to develop his own groundbreaking technique, incorporating integrated drum rhythms on the body of the guitar.

Twenty-seven years after his unique style was born, Reed’s seismic global impact has created a sea of guitarists emulating his style.

He is cited as a major influence by guitar luminaries such as Andy McKee and Jon Gomm, to name just two.

Today at the height of his game, Reed's recordings and live performances still define the sound of the pioneering compositional guitar genre he invented over a quarter century ago.

Preston Reed's String Jam performance is on Saturday, September 16 at the County Hotel from 8pm.

Tickets, priced at £14, are available from the venue by phone 01750-721233 or online from Eventbrite.