FILM fans are in for a retro treat this Halloween as the MacArts centre in Galashiels pulls back the curtain on The Love Witch.

And organisers hope everyone will dress for the occasion... as their favourite ghost, monster or zombie.

The stunning piece of cinematography gets a rare screening as part of the Behind the Curtain film season.

Set in the present day, but using the aesthetic of 1960s musicals, Hitchcock thrillers and Douglas Sirk melodramas, Anna Biller's The Love Witch was shot on 35mm using traditional filmmaking techniques to achieve its gorgeous technicolour look.

Harriet Warman, programmer with Behind the Curtain, told us: "Anna Biller wrote, directed, edited and produced The Love Witch, as well as designing and making all the costumes and writing the music.

"It’s truly an artist’s work, demonstrative of Biller’s training at CalArts in the US, and her fascination for classic cinema and feminist theory."

The story follows Elaine, played by Samantha Robinson, who moves to a new town after her husband mysteriously dies and begins concocting love potions to try to find the man that will embody her masculine ideal.

Despite protestations from her new friend Trish, played by Laura Waddell, who thinks Elaine has been brainwashed by the patriarchy, she sets about using her feminine power and witchcraft to attract and keep a new mate.

In an exclusive Q&A for Behind the Curtain, Anna Biller remarked: “The world is so insane, and it feels like such an opportunity to push against it by creating new kinds of works.

"The studio system is dying with its rehashing of the same old tired narratives, and the world is ready for new voices to be heard.

"We’re in a transitional moment, where I think women will finally get the chance to come into their own.”

Using arch humour, beautiful costumes, perfect performances and stunning cinematography, Anna Biller achieves with The Love Witch what The Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw called an “amazing retro fantasy horror” that is “sublime” and that is according to Empire’s Kim Newman, “one of the most gorgeous films of recent years”.

The converted church building on Bridge Street provides the perfect setting for this melodrama horror comedy.

And organisers are even putting up a prize for the best costume on the night.

The screening of The Love Witch takes place on Saturday, October 28 - doors open at 6.30pm with the film beginning at 7pm.

Tickets are £5 and advance booking is available at