The shocking news has broken that Lady Colin Campbell has left the I’m A Celebrity jungle on unknown “medical grounds” – just four days before the ITV show’s final.

And she is not the first celebrity to sensationally leave the camp since the show began more than a decade ago – or even this series.

I'm A Celebrity's Lady Colin Campbell
I’m A Celebrity’s Lady Colin Campbell (ITV/Rex)

Made In Chelsea star Spencer Matthews was ordered out of the jungle by producers just hours after arriving when he revealed he was suffering from a secret steroid addiction.

At the time Spencer said: “My admission to the production team that I was still taking these pills led to the conclusion that it would be unsafe for me to stay in the jungle – a decision which I found extremely hard to stomach.”

I'm A Celebrity star Spencer Matthews quits the show
Spencer Matthews before his exit (ITV/Rex)

The latest exit is part of a history of celebrities who either can’t handle the show’s most gruesome aspects or have struggled with health problems in the jungle.

Here are some of the show’s most dramatic exits.

1. Freddie Starr

Freddie Starr
Freddie Starr (John Phillips/UK Press/PA)

Comedian Freddie Starr was forced to drop out in 2011 when he was rushed to hospital after suffering what was thought to be an allergic reaction shortly after eating a foul meal of fermented egg and a camel toe.

Disappointed Starr said he felt “sick” not to complete his stint in the Australian jungle but had to respect the opinions of doctors.

“I wanted to be there until the very end but there’s no use crying over spilt milk,” he said.

2. Gemma Collins

Gemma Collins  (Yui Mok/PA)
Gemma Collins (Yui Mok/PA)

Last year The Only Way Is Essex star Gemma Collins quit the programme having managed just three days while grumbling about hunger and complaining that she thought she may have malaria.

Viewers watched Gemma complain about the food portions, saying: “People who murder get treated better than this. Even a murderer gets fed three times a day.”

She misdiagnosed herself as having malaria – which has long been wiped out in Australia, where the show is filmed – as a result of an upset stomach.

3. Craig Charles

Craig Charles
Craig Charles (Andrew Parsons/PA)

Craig was the second contestant to quit the show last series after he was told the news of the sudden death of his brother Dean.

He made the heartbreaking decision to leave immediately to return to his family in the UK.

ITV said at the time: “Craig was told the sad news earlier today. He was devastated and decided to leave straight away, but did stop to say his goodbyes to his fellow celebrities.

“He was a great part of the show and we are sorry to see him leave but completely respect his wishes.”

4. Katie Price

Katie Price
Katie Price (Matt Crossick/PA)

Katie walked out in 2009 during her second jungle stint, having signed up again five years after she met ex-Peter Andre on the show to get “closure” on their break-up.

However she ended up quitting after nine days when the public voted for her to take part in every single Bushtucker Trial.

“I’m not in it to win it, it makes no odds to me. I’ve done my challenges, people can see I’m genuine. I just don’t want to be here any more. It’s not about the money. I didn’t come back here for that. I really miss my kids,” she said.

To add even more drama, she broke up with her then-boyfriend Alex Reid live on air after he flew to Australia to ask her to marry him. They reconciled and married, only to split again.

5. Brian Harvey

Brian Harvey
Brian Harvey (Tim Ockenden/PA)

The East 17 singer stormed out of the jungle after a blazing row with Janet Street-Porter in 2004.

Brian broke wind near Janet while they were cooking dinner, leading to a war of words that saw Brian pack his bags and tell viewers he was sick of being “treated like a kid”.

Brian had suffered during his time in the jungle, arriving late due to the death of his grandmother and then being forced to undertake an unpleasant Bushtucker Trial that involved plucking a star from a plate of green ants with his teeth.

6. Danniella Westbrook

Danniella Westbrook
(Mark Cuthbert/UK Press/PA)

Danniella had begged viewers to vote her out of the show when she appeared in 2003.

“Do not bother voting for me. I have had my fill of being in the camp, I have done my bit for charity.

“Vote for the others. We have all worked for it, but I just want to get out of here. So, my life is in your hands. Don’t vote for me please,” she said.

But the public didn’t listen to her cries, voting out weathergirl Sian Lloyd instead and leaving Danniella with the tough decision to walk out instead so she could return to her husband and kids.

7. John Lydon

John Lydon
John Lydon (Mark Allan/Invision)

The former Sex Pistol launched into a foul-mouthed tirade after he found out the viewers had voted to keep him in the jungle in 2004.

“Oh, f***ing c****,” he swore, leading to 91 complaints from viewers and ITV to impose a time delay on the broadcast to bleep out any further expletives.

Only hours after being told off by bosses, Lydon quit.

8. Brian Conley

Brian Conley
(Ian West/PA)

In 2012 comedian and entertainer Brian Conley quit after suffering from the effects of malnutrition and exhaustion.

His departure came days after viewers saw him break down in tears after a confrontation with fellow contestant David Haye when the boxer sparked a row by flicking two burning logs onto the forest floor.

The comedian later revealed he had stopped taking the anti-depressants he had been on for 15 years as they made him feel ill on an empty stomach.