FORTY S2 students and five members of staff from Earlston High School set off on what would be an amazing experience for them all. These excitable S2s were heading to Rockley Watersports in the South of France! Everyone had to get up early to start their 26 hour bus drive. All the students were excited and jumpy, the sweets probably had something to do with this! By the time everyone got off the ferry they were ready for bed.

After a restless night, with even more sugar intake, the sleepy teens arrived at Rockley on Sunday. After a very warm welcome, they got their tents and dumped their heavy bags. Group one went off to do their activity which was pico sailing, meanwhile group two started to learn how to dart sail. Everyone got rather wet but really enjoyed it.

The tired teens for out of bed on Monday morning absolutely exhausted from the previous day’s activities. Group one set off to do windsurfing, which turned into paddle boarding due to the lack of wind, and group two set off to go mountain biking. After a delicious lunch prepared by the Rockley Kitchen, group one headed back to the lake to do kayaking and group two were happy that the wind had picked up as they went windsurfing.

Lots of people were excited for Tuesday as it was time for their surfing lesson. It was super, super fun but a bit chilly! The nine that didn’t go surfing went on a boat trip with 'Papa Paddles’ and had to watch out for Hippacrocapigs! After all of that excitement group one went mountain biking and group two went kayaking. That night the pupils did an evening activity called 'challenge’. They had to wade through parts of the lake – the 'possible snake’ and passing the 'bridge of many spiders’ being a few. At the end we had to collect kayaks and paddle back with mud being thrown at us the whole way. As you can imagine lots of showers were needed that night!

Wednesday was spent away from the Rockley site, because the teens had both the opportunity to go into town (Arcachon) and climb the highest sand dune in Europe with two of their Rockley tutors Josh and Kim.

The Dune du Pyla was exhausting to get to the top, but no one regretted it as they then had the fun of running down the other side. There was so much sand in their shoes they would have made their very own dunes! As we returned to the Rockley site lots of Karaoke – West Virginia and Y.M.C.A were sung!

On Thursday, everyone was sad as this was their last day at Rockley. However, everyone had lots of fun with their activities. Group one went to do dart sailing and group two pico sailing. Both groups went zooming up and down the massive lake in the afternoon as the wind picked up!

The afternoon session ended quickly as the pupils had to repack their bags and clean the sand out of their tents. Packing wet clothes into their dry bags was a struggle for some!

After tea that night the Rockley staff waved goodbye to the bus as it started the long journey home.

By Issie French and Lauren Purves