THEIR creative and eye catching yarns made nationwide news last month.

But it is fibre of a different sort that is now firing the imagination of the Souter Stormers.

The Souter Stormers ‘guerilla group’ caused a delightful stir recently as they yarn-bombed Selkirk as part of the YES (Yarrow – Ettrick – Selkirk) arts festival, which ended in September.

The yarnstormers, a group of more than 40 highly imaginative and skilled knitters aged up to 104, yarn-bombed over 40 landmarks in the Scottish Borders. Striking phone boxes, lampposts and even a stature of Sir Walter Scott - under the cover of darkness – their exhibits became an instant hit during the festival.

Now, the knitters have leant their support to the arrival of fibre power broadband in Selkirk.

Kay Ross, spokesman for The Souter Stormers, said: “It was a pleasure that The Souter Stormers could help with the launch of fibre broadband in Selkirk.

“The group have worked extremely hard over the months, both with their creative and artistic spark and transforming Selkirk into something fun and unique. I hope that Digital Scotland appreciate our take on a cabinet launch event and I look forward to hearing about the benefits that it will bring to everyone in the town.”

Almost 3,400 homes and businesses in the town are now able to connect to fibre broadband, with more to follow, as part of the Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband programme.

The properties in Selkirk join more than 17,500 homes and businesses in the Scottish Borders which are now able to access fibre broadband through the Digital Scotland rollout.

Brendan Dick, BT Scotland Director, said: “Thousands more people in the Scottish Borders now have access to their best ever broadband speeds thanks to the Digital Scotland project. Hopefully the arrival of fibre in Selkirk will be the ‘purl’ in the crown for the town. I hope local people and businesses will soon be taking advantage of all the opportunities on offer.”