IT is a decade since Frightened Rabbit released their highly acclaimed debut album, Hits the Fan.

But it may not be all that much longer before another Borders band follows in their footsteps and reaches a worldwide audience.

Since Hits the Fan was released in 2006, Selkirk's Frightened Rabbit have gone on to enjoy chart success on both sides of the Atlantic, secure a major deal with Atlantic Records, headline festivals and regularly take to the road for sell out tours in the UK and America.

Last month another local band, The Boy with the Lion Head, released their very own low-key debut album, The Ebb and Flow.

And it is already earning plaudits on a similar scale to the Hutchison brothers' first offering all those years ago.

David Reid, lead singer with The Boy With the Lion Head, told the Border Telegraph: "There have been comparisons with Frightened Rabbit and other bands but we listen to lots of different music and have many influences.

"When we first got together there were eight of us and we were going to be a covers band so that we could get gigs and enjoy playing. We realised that a few of us had similar tastes and we branched off to write our own songs - many of those songs are The Ebb and Flow."

Reid's vernacular vocal is hauntingly accompanied by the melodic maturity of delicate strings, gentle keys and refined percussion throughout The Ebb and Flow.

There's a subtle beauty and tenderness within these compositions which slowly rises from the melancholy, much like an early-morning haar from a remote Scottish valley.

And, similar to a certain Selkirk band's release from a decade ago, it deserves a much wider audience.

The Hawick-based band, which also includes Alistair Clarkson, John Findlay and Robert Wood, formed just over a year ago.

After a handful of acoustic gigs in and around the town they were joined by drummer Angus Hamilton.

A fuller and richer sound quickly developed, leading to several slightly bigger bookings and the recording of their debut album.

David, who is a manager at the local branch of Argos, added: "We started recording The Ebb and Flow at John and Alistair's flat. Angus knew a bit about mixing and we found a website for mastering the tracks - it was all very DIY.

"The feedback has been extremely positive from everyone, which is encouraging.

"From our recent gigs in Galashiels and Glasgow, which was our first outside the Borders, it looks like we could be getting some festival dates for next year.

"It's all going really well - Angus is even building a recording studio in his house."

The Boy with the Lionhead plan to record a follow-up five-track release at the new studio over the winter and resume playing live in the spring.

The Ebb and the Flow, which was released on October 23, is available to stream from iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud.

Hard copies of the eight-track album are also available from Bandcamp.