A SUPER-FIT student from the Borders won the country's biggest body-building competition at the weekend. And then celebrated by tucking into a McDonalds!

Twenty-year-old Ryan Millar, from Galashiels, was crowned Mr Scotland at the National Amateur Bodybuilders Association event in Glenrothes on Saturday.

He revealed he feasted on junk food to bulk up for the competition. And then dieted, while honing his physique, before judging began.

The former Galashiels Academy pupil, who is studying sports science at Edinburgh University, overcame competition from six other Scottish hopefuls to win the junior category.

Now he has won an invitation to compete at the Mr Britain competition in England this summer.

Speaking to the Border Telegraph this week, Ryan, who revealed he only began training to get in shape, said: "It feels amazing. Two-and-half-years of training has really paid off.

"The best part of the day was when I was called on to stage to pose after I won and there were 1400 people taking pictures of me, and all their flashes were going off - it was incredible.

"I only began training to try to improve my physique. I was playing football at the time and then I met my mentor, Stevie Thomson, from Peebles, who won the adults overall last year. He helped me with my diet and training and persuaded me to go for the juniors this year.

"I've always been quite stocky but for about two years I've just tried to put on weight so I've eaten a lot of food." And he added: "To celebrate I had a big McDonalds the next day." The part-time barman, who works at Move Music Venue in Galashiels, revealed it was the first time he had ever entered the competition which judges entrants on their size, symmetry, conditioning and stage presence. And he revealed he had to use a paint brush to roll on his fake tan!

Ryan, who thanked all his friends and family for their support, said: "Before I went I was pale." But he added: "It (the fake tan) took half an hour to put on - I had to use a rolling brush - and, when I looked in the mirror, I was pretty shocked."