THE Art House Gallery in Kelso hosted the first Scottish Exhibition for Artist Graham Short, the world renowned engraver famous for engraving the Lords Prayer on top of a gold pin head.

This was the first time ever that the Lords Prayer piece has been seen by the public.

The 12 pieces available at the exhibition were sold out within 2 mins!

delighting Graham who said "I am blown away by the event, the stunning gallery and also the warm welcome from the people of Kelso.

This exhibition is the best I have ever been involved in, even better than my exhibition in Mayfair's Clarendon Gallery.

Tony and Christine Wright made a 500 miles round trip to attend the event, and after talking to Graham made the decision to invest in a piece of his work.

He said: "After talking with Graham and seeing his work first hand we just had to have one. Graham's dedication to his work is amazing as is the skill to produce it" Dave and Penny Wood from Ramsgate added: "This work is breathtaking, we simply cannot believe the willpower and patience required to engrave, whilst looking through a 400x microscope!" Dave & Penny purchased a staple engraved with a Mae West quotation. All pieces come enclosed in a beautiful embossed stand complete with microscope.

Art House owner, Tony Huggins-Haig, says that Graham's work is attracting interest from Russia, USA, Middle East, and India. Grahams next exhibition is in Los Angeles, USA towards the end of the year and he has already received offers for the pieces which he is still to produce.

For more information on Grahams Work contact : The Art House Gallery at 22 Bridge Street, Kelso on 01573 228666 or email