DESIGNS inspired by renowned author Sir Walter Scott will decorate stations along the Borders Railway when it opens next year - including Waverley, the only station in the world named after a novel.

Twenty-three-year-old Jane Fleming will create a permanent art installation for the Borders Railway after winning a competition run by Transport Scotland.

She went up against fellow students from the Heriot-Watt School of Textiles & Design in Galashiels to win the commission for a lasting piece of art or design to decorate the new railway, which opens next September.

Her entry to the contest was unveiled as the winner by First Minister Alex Salmond as he revealed plans for the Borders Blueprint legacy programme to maximise the potential benefits of the railway.

Jane said: “I’m extremely passionate about my work so it’s a great honour to showcase my capabilities as a designer to the public.

“I’ve benefited enormously from the experience of working on a live project and winning the overall award is a wonderful addition to my CV.” Mr Salmond said: “This year we celebrate Sir Walter Scott’s 200th anniversary of his novel, Waverley, and I couldn’t think of anything more appropriate than a student from the School of Textile and Design to be chosen to showcase the creativity and skill of the Scottish Borders while reflecting the region’s deep and inspiring heritage.” A total of 80 students submitted entries, with five students shortlisted.

The selection panel was chaired by Transport Scotland Rail Director Aidan Grisewood and included School of Textiles and Design lecturer Mark Parker, Heritage and Engagement manager at Abbotsford Kirsty Archer Thompson and Transport Scotland Borders Railway project sponsor Sarah Cooper.

Jane, who is currently in her third year of a BA Design for Textiles course, was chosen after impressing the panel with “her intelligent, witty and diverse references to Sir Walter Scott and the Waverley novels”.

Fiona Waldron, Head of Heriot-Watt University’s School of Textiles & Design, said: “Jane has been given the fantastic opportunity to have her artwork permanently displayed in public at stations along the new Borders Railway due to open next September.

“Not only is her work for this project a thought-provoking exploration of the themes that capture the adventure and romance of travel that is central to Sir Walter Scott’s Waverley novels, but demonstrates that the beauty and diversity of her design work can be used in a variety of scales and applications.

“We’re extremely proud of all the ideas put forward by our students for this prestigious award, however, Jane should be proud of herself for winning, having captured the brief perfectly.” The commission called for a piece of artwork which would commemorate the 200th anniversary of Sir Walter Scott’s “Waverley” novel, as well as celebrating the opening of the new railway.