BORDERS MSP Christine Grahame has written to Tesco's boss over its decision to remove the Scottish Saltire from its packaging south of the border.

Earlier this week there was a public outcry when the supermarket giants took the decision to remove the Scottish flag due to "several customer complaints".

The MSP for Midlothian South, Tweeddale and Lauderdale wrote to chief executive Dave Lewis to challenge the decision.

Ms Grahame told the Border Telegraph: "This decision has caused outrage amongst many people in Scotland as not only has the Saltire been removed but it has been replaced with the Union Flag.

"I am asking Mr Lewis if Tesco will remove the Union Flag if it receives complaints from people in Scotland for the same reason.

"I do wonder what Scottish farmers have done to insult shoppers in England if they feel so aggrieved by their national flag being displayed on their produce in order that people know where they’ve come from."

A series of tweets from Tesco caused a storm on social media, with many people urging the store to reverse their decision.

Ms Grahame added: "I have now suggested to Mr Lewis that a better solution might be to brand English produce with the Saint George’s Cross, Scottish produce with the Saltire, Welsh produce with the Flag of Wales and so on? 

"In fact I wonder how many complaints Tesco received in the first place and how many since.

"I do hope he will appreciate this suggestion – after all, ‘Every Little Helps’!"