CAMPAIGNERS say the Borders railway should be extended across the region, so it can benefit more communities.

The Campaign for Borders Rail says the "resounding success" of the route shows big the demand is for the services.

Allan McLean a retired railway manager who chairs the Campaign for Borders Rail (CBR) said: "The return of trains is incredibly popular in the Scottish Borders. 

"The line has boosted the economies of the Borders and Midlothian. This proves that people were right to argue for so long in favour of railway services.

"The time has now come to enhance the existing route to match the level of demand and to prepare for the extension of tracks to serve more communities by train."

It was reported earlier this month that one million passengers have used the line, which currently runs between Tweedbank and Edinburgh Waverley.

A campaign spokesman added: "The resounding success of the new railway in tapping into huge and unpredicted demand for rail travel is a clear indication of the potential for capitalising on that success, which can only be achieved by extending the line southwards to benefit a larger catchment area. 

"The consideration of possible road improvements across the region, for example to tackle accident black-spots, should be a separate exercise and should not be allowed to affect or diminish the Scottish Government's clear commitment to examine the feasibility of extending the new railway."