LOCAL Conservative politicians are calling for urgent cash to be invested in NHS buildings across the Borders.

A new report has found that almost a third of health centres and hospitals in the region are in need of immediate repairs.

And the maintenance backlog had resulted in the risk factor being graded as either 'high' or 'significant' by internal inspectors.

Recently elected MP John Lamont said: "Staff at NHS Borders work incredibly hard and these figures suggest some are doing so in increasingly problematic surroundings.

“I’ve raised the issue of the cancellation of operations at Borders General Hospital before and this information reveals that some theatres and equipment are badly in need of repair, which will certainly be a factor in some of the cancellations.”

Although assessors found there was a 32 per cent 'significant' or 'high' risk backlog in maintenance across the NHS Borders estate, the figure was significantly lower than many other health boards, as well as the national average of 45 per cent.

Mr Lamont believes the lack of investment is a national issue. He added: "NHS Borders is being let down by a Scottish government which has failed to properly invest in our health service.

"There must be no more excuses and the SNP need to get a grip on this issue.”

Among the highlighted areas requiring maintenance or replacement at Borders General Hospital are the ventilation systems within theatre, the laundry equipment, flat roof areas, electrical rewiring, and fire panels.

The flat roof at Melrose Health Centre is needing replaced, Haylodge Hospital requires new emergency lights, the fire system at Earlston Health Centre needs replacing, and Eyemouth Health Centre requires a new flat roof.

The report also found legionella reviews are required at the BGH and at Selkirk Health Centre.

The external doors at Firholm Day Unit in Peebles need to be replaced, a new sewerage system is required at Coldstream Dental Unit, and the electrics at Kelso Community Hospital is in need of being rewired.

Recently elected MSP Rachael Hamilton added: “The buildings in our NHS need to be up to a suitable standard to protect patient care and to ensure a safe working environment for staff.

“This information shows some buildings in the Borders are in a shocking state and there are real question marks hanging over the life expectancy of some.

“This issue hasn’t suddenly cropped up. The SNP has been in sole charge of health for the past decade, but has let this spiral completely out of control.”

Since the report was conducted NHS Borders has now replaced the medical compressors and vacuum pumps within the BGH theatre.

But bosses admit maintenance is an ongoing issue.

Cliff Sharp, medical director at NHS Borders, explained: "NHS Borders has an estate comprising of 44 buildings across a geographic rural area of approximately 1800 square miles, employing in excess of 3500 people.

"There is always an on-going programme of maintenance and upgrading required in our buildings, which is prioritised via a risk assessment process with patient safety being our first priority."