THE six Boys Brigade companies from Galashiels and Hawick have just returned from their annual Borders Battalion Camp in Lancashire.

The 23 boys, three young campers and 12 staff arrived at the camp site around 2pm on the Saturday and immediately set to work erecting the tents that would be their home for the week.

The camp site is on the outskirts of Lytham St Anne's, with easy access to Blackpool.

By 4:30 the hard work of the boys was rewarded with some free time in Lytham.

After a late evening meal the boys took part in a series of five minute challenges followed by a favourite game of camp 'manhunt' - a hide and seek game in the dark.

The BBs awoke to a sunny and bright Sunday morning.

Following breakfast and the completion of chores the first of the week's tent inspections took place. The tent competition is keenly fought demonstrated by Boys stressing when one of their number is engaged with fatigues.

Parents should note that Boys are capable of keeping their room tidy!

Sunday's daily challenge was a human chair requiring all Boys to work together before eventually succeeding.

Rory Campbell, the Camp CO, led the morning service with the theme of change - telling boys that not only has technology advanced but so too has the camp.

Many of the staff can remember an outdoor wash in a cold-water basin in rain or shine rather than hot showers.

The afternoon saw the start of the team games, the weather dictating the running order, with some rain showers. Unihoc was first, making use of the wet-weather barn.

At the same time the individual competitions started with dominoes.

The rain, the full fat type, was to continue for the next 14 hours but did not affect the enjoyment. Boys were then free after tea to explore the local amenities.

On Monday, once again, the camp woke to a sunny and bright morning.

The daily routine continued with breakfast, tent inspection and the daily challenge - hop jousting, an elimination game with a tray and a tea towel. The competitions continued with volleyball, football, dominoes and Connect 4.

Ironically having spent the previous day trying to keep dry, the water slide proved to be a popular activity!

With the morning routine completed with Tuesday's challenge - Whacko, requires speed and agility.

In the afternoon boys had free time, most heading for Blackpools' Sandcastle or Pleasure Beach.

Wednesday was sports day. The first the daily challenge - big buckie - an entertaining game of memory and vocal skills even if you have lost your voice!

Rounders in the morning sunshine was followed by the sprints, throwing events and mile run.

The activities continued on Thursday with a tug-of-war challenge, table tennis and rounders.

In the afternoon the Boys were taken to Kirkham baths, a pleasant surprise for the four people who thought they had the pool to themselves! Friday's daily challenge was a Sumo wrestling event. The morning ended with the culmination of all competitions and the beginning of the striking of the camp. In the afternoon Boys were once again free to visit Blackpool arriving back at camp at 7:30 in time for the annual beanfeast. The beanfeast is an opportunity for the Boys to entertain their friends, both old and new. The highlights were Bugle playing, quiz, various challenges, songs, jokes and magic shows.

The awards for competitions were then presented. Tent Inspection: 1st Tent 1, 2nd Tent 2. Outdoor team games: 1st Team 2. Indoor individual games: 1st Gavin Ross (fourth year running), 2nd Fraser Renwick. Taddie Cup (sports) Senior: 1st Robert Fox, 2nd Bryce Hume. Juniors: 1st Blaine Halfpenny, 2nd Finlay Douglas.

Rory Campbell then summed up the camp of 2017 and intimated that the same site is already booked for 2018.

All activities were completed with some minor juggling to accommodate the weather.

Recapping on the week the Boys were thanked for their contribution. By 10am on Saturday morning the last of the canvas was dropped marking the end of yet another successful camp.

The Boys were ready for home and no doubt an early night.

Main characters Daniel Arnott, Harry Chisholm, Stephen Cook, Finlay Douglas, Greg Farish, Kieran Fraser, Robert Fox, Blaine Halfpenny, Foster Hibonne, Bryce Hume, Thomas Ker, Scott Landles, Ethan Mason, Geordie Miller, Callum Murray, Ryan Redhead, Fraser Renwick, Lewis Renwick, Liam Riley, Gavin Ross, Nikki Stavert, Jake Szoneberg, Ciaran Wood, Andrew Baxter, Max Turnbull and Hannah Turnbull.

They were supported by Rory Campbell CO, Alasdair Clipston, Cameron Graham, Ross Graham, Keiran Walley, Richard Crawford, Jake Richardson, Callum Riddell, Douglas Turnbull, Ian Baxter, Colin Grieve and Dean Anderson.